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Wild Thunder Rangers Arsenal


Wild Thunder

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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by Wild Thunder Rangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Wild Thunder page as well as the team page of the Wild Thunder Rangers.


Twin Brace Morpher

Main article: Twin Brace Morpher

The Twin Brace Morpher is Wild Thunder Rangers' two-piece transformation device.

BlasterHardcore Morpher

Main article: BlasterHardcore Morpher

The BlasterHardcore Morpher is Hardcore FangTiger's morpher and power access device.

Predator Morpher

Main article: Predator Morpher

The Predator Morpher is Cougar SpiderPuma and Lunar MetalWolf's morpher and power access device.

Rampage Morpher

Main article: Rampage Morpher

The Rampage Morpher is Skin DenDenGiraffe and Rampage BaitShark's morpher and power access device.

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon

Wild Jungle Blaster

PIC 1023.jpg

The Wild Jungle Blaster is the combination of all five of the Wild Thunder Rangers' weapons. The five Power Weapons can combine into the Jungle Sword. All of the Rangers' combined power goes into an enormous slash.

Lion Fist

180px-Lion Fist.jpg

Lion Fist is Red HeatLion's personal weapon. It is a stylized red lion punching glove. It can be wielded one handed as an armored cestus or split into two claw like Lion Fist for the Blazing Fire attack.

Jaguar Bakooza

Jaguar Bakooza.jpg

Jaguar Bakooza is Blue TriggerJaguar's personal weapon. It channels their Jaguar spirits' energies into a single concentrated blast. At one point, when the three masters were being controlled by the crystal eyes and had their ranger forms fight the rangers, the masters were too powerful.

Eagle Sword

180px-Eagle Sword.jpg

Eagle Sword is Yellow LunaEagle's personal weapon. It is a yellow stylized-handled sword with a medium blade.

Croc Dagger

Croc Dagger.jpg

Croc Dagger is Green CycloneCroc's personal weapon. It takes the form of a crossbow or blaster that fires pulses of energy.

Bison Axe

Bison Axe.jpg

Bison Axe is Black JokerBison's personal weapon. It is a black stylized handaxe with two blades.

PumaLuna Sword

185px-Lunar Cue.jpg

The PumaLuna Sword is Cougar SpiderPuma and Lunar MetalWolf's personal weapon, capable of switching between Saber Mode, Sniper Mode and Break Mode. With it, Predator Rangers can perform the Full Moon Slash to devastate opponents.

Noble Tiger Stick

White Tiger Baton.jpg

The Noble Tiger Stick is Hardcore FangTiger's personal weapon. It is a white baton with a White Tiger head.

Triassic Triumph Sword


The Triassic Triumph Sword is Red HeatLion's personal weapon. Hidden beneath a waterfall for untold ages, the Sword of Triumph, when infused with the power of the Blue, Yellow, Black, and Green, would transform from a Gold/Silver, powerless relict to a colorful and powerful device which could then only be used by someone "in tone with the mystical wild energies" as the Hardcore FangTiger put it.

Thus, the Sword was obtained by a person Francesca Le believed to fit the requirements, Chanel Preston, who used the sword's power, along with his own Red HeatLion powers, to become a completely new Other Ranger known as the Triassic Red HeatLion. After this, She would sometimes require repeated power transfers from the Blue TriggerJaguar (Bridgette B.), Yellow LunaEagle (Sandra Romain), Green CycloneCroc (Nyomi Banxxx) and the Black JokerBison (Raylene). However, Chanel Preston would also, in times of extreme stress or necessity, activate her Triassic powers on his own with the shield. After Chanel Preston morphed into the Triassic Red HeatLion, she also often activate the sword's other abilities, seemingly as second nature.

These other abilities included: the shield's second mode, called the Sword of Triumph (which was basically just the shield with a blade bit extended, like on a Swiss Army knife), and the power to transport the Triassic Red HeatLion and his opponent into another reality. The Triassic Ranger referred to it as her world and others commonly dubbed it "the Triassic Dimension". In the Triassic Dimension, the Triassic Red HeatLion appeared to have complete control over reality, meaning her enemy was doomed. After their defeat, she would return with them to other world, where her enemy would often explode, somewhat spontaneously.

Finally, the sword also acted as the Triassic Red HeatLion's control key for the Black Lion, Hammerhead and Giraffe, allowing it to control them as well. This effectively made those Zords the Triassic Ranger's and allowed her to form the Triassic TriumphNitro.


Wild Sabers


The Wild Sabers is Thunder Rangers Wild Thunder Rangers' personal sidearm. They were not used as often as the standard power weapons, but were great for attacking lesser monsters. The blade itself is extended from the hilt, and remains inside until the ranger decides to use it. This design also makes the weapon more conventional


Main article: Arsenal Wild Thunder Rangers

Transformation Devices

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon

  • Wild Jungle Blaster
    • Lion Fist
    • Jaguar Bakooza
    • Eagle Sword
    • Croc Dagger
    • Bison Axe
  • PumaLuna Sword
  • Noble Tiger Stick


  • Wild Sabers


  • Triassic Triumph Sword

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