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White Trainzord
Number: 10
Pilot: Phoenix Saint
Length: 43.7 m
Width: 10.5 m
Height: 10.0 m
Weight: 600 tons
Speed: 600 km/h
Power: 3,000,000

White Trainzord is a white shinkansen-themed StarMachine Vehicles in Bikini Rangers Star Gigantic.


Created from the Card Storybook that gave interstellar travel and brought Rainbow Star to Earth, White Trainzord can travel faster than Black Trainzord, and fire blue energy beams from its headlights, as well as fly. Unlike the first eight StarMachine Vehicles, White Trainzord is only semi-sentient, having been made by Rainbow Star's Grandfather as an emergency measure should Dino Trainzord be used for evil. When White Trainzord is spilt into two StarMachine Vehicles. Forms the front of White Trainzord and forms the back. White Trainzord forms the torso and head of Speed Trainzord.

Appearances: Star Gigantic Episodes 8-10, 13-14, 18, 20-21


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Additional Formations

Rainbow Speedzord


MSK-Kiramaizin Express.jpg

Rainbow Speedzord
Combined From:
  • Red Truckzord
  • Yellow Shovelzord
  • Green Carzord
  • Blue Jetzord
  • Pink Helicozord
  • White Trainzord
Season: Star Gigantic
First Appearance: Time Has Been Looped
Last Appearance: Time Has Been Looped
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Width: 35.5 m
Height: 47.0 m
Main article: Rainbow Starzord

Rainbow Speedzord is formed when Rainbow Starzord rides on White Trainzord. Its finisher is the Rainbow Express Break, where Rainbow Starzord charges the Blue Jetzord and executes a slash at high speed to destroy the Darkside Beast.

This combination is exclusive to Star Gigantic Episode 12.

Fuji Sharkzord


MSK-King Express Zabyun.png

Fuji Sharkzord
Combined From:
  • White Trainzord
  • Aqua Sharkzord
Season: Star Gigantic
First Appearance: Fishing Masterminds
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Length: 18.5 m
Width: 52.0 m
Height: 53.2 m
Weight: 3200 tons
Speed: 650 km/h
Power: 16,000,000
Main article: Fuji Sharkzord

Fuji Sharkzord is the second version of Speed Trainzord. This version retains and enhances the original's extreme speed and strength, can be utilized for underwater combat, and negates the need for Black Trainzord whenever the mecha is required. It was much faster than even the regular Speed Trainzord. It can execute the Jaws Attack energy punch with the right arm, fire the Left Hand Screw water stream with the turbine on the left arm, and the Shark Tornado Cutter where Shark Expresszord transforms into Fuji Sharkzord Express underwater and spins around the Darkside Beast tornado-style while delivering powerful slashes with its head fin.

Its finisher is the Fuji Megalo Blaster, where Fuji Sharkzord charges the aqua crystals on its arms and legs with aquatic energy before firing four water streams that fuse into one stream, taking the form of a shark that pierces the Darkside Beast to destroy it. With the power of Rainbow Star, the attack takes the form of four separate streams, though the arm streams are tinted gold due to the Rainbow Queen's abilities.

Appearances: Star Gigantic Episodes 20 -

Card Storybook


The Houshin Kamen Engi Card Storybook is the personal Star Gigantic Bookcard of the White Trainzord. It is based on Investiture of the Gods.

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