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Gender: Male
Villain Type: Leader
Season: RPM
Hometown: N/A
First Apperance: The Road to Corinth
Last Full Apperance: Danger and Destiny Part 2
Status: N/A
Number of Episode Appearances: 51 (Bikini Rangers RPM)

Venjix was a fictional character from the universe of the franchise Bikini Rangers.

An aggressive self-aware, self-generating sentient computer virus with an immortality-complex, Venjix was created by Da Purple Skull on behalf of Alphabet Soup. Dr. K released it into the facility servers in hopes that she would be able to escape, but she was discovered and dragged away before she could install a firewall. Without a firewall to keep it contained in the Alphabet Soup facility, Venjix quickly spread through the world's computers and within three years had taken over the Earth's defense forces and data networks with the only safe haven being the domed city of Corinth. Initially seen in the form of a large technological pillar with one red optical eye and eventually growing tired of the constant defeats, Venjix created a Generation-13 robot body to upload himself into so he can personally battle the Rangers. The body itself possessed a calculus theme with protractors on the chest and units of measurement on its sword. Venjix also has a fail-safe in his programming, transferring his data into another standby body when destroyed, allowing him to survive the Rangers' destructive attacks. After one defeat too many, Venjix orders Shifter to upgrade his body and give it enough fire power to destroy the entire city. Before the process can be completed however, a city gate opens and Venjix orders the download be suspended even though the download is only at eighty percent. He goes out to face the Rangers. Unfortunately, his body doesn't hold up as well as he had hoped it would, and the robotic shell is damaged beyond repair by Scott as Shifter manages to get his master to safety. Following this, Venjix once again resides in his pillar as Shifter constructs the Hyperbot to serve as new body. However, due to Purple Haze Skull's sabotaging, the body was rejected and Shifter banished. Later, Venjix commissioned the creation of a new ultimate body, recycling the remains of Shifter to complete it. The new body bears a resemblance to Shifter, but is older looking and has black plating with gold accents.

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