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Twilight Thunder Rangers Returns
Bikini Rangers Venice Storm, Episode 5x11, 5x12, 5x13, 5x14
Air date October 25, 2011
October 31, 2011
Production Information
Written by Daniel Belgrave
Directed by Henry Chan

There Go the Brides



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Twilight Thunder Rangers Returns is a four-part episode of Bikini Rangers Venice Storm which saw the return of the Twilight Thunder Rangers (Gina Lynn and Mariah Milano), as well as Twilight ThunderNitro and Venice ThunderstormNitro.


While infiltrating Lord Negaverse's house, the Twilight Thunder Rangers are captured and turned against the Venice Storm Rangers, who already have their hands full battling Toxipod. Choobo sabotages the battle, disabling the Zords, and teleporting the Venice Storm and Twilight Thunder Rangers to a deserted island, where they continue their battle, face a resurrected Super Toxipod. The Twilight Thunder Rangers are eventually brought back to their senses, and help the Rangers destroy Toxipod and leave the island. They later battle and defeat a banished Choobo, who attacked them to get revenge.


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