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The Snow Princess
Bikini Rangers Mystic Force, Episode 8x41
Air date June 1, 2014
Production Information
Written by Rosa & Ximena Becerra
Directed by Daniel Belgrave

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The Snow Princess is the forty-first episode of Bikini Rangers Mystic Force.


An ancient and powerful mystic known as the Snow Princess forces Kendra Lust and Nina Mercedez to switch places for a day. With Kendra as the teacher. Snow Princess tells Nina that he has much to learn. Nina feels this to be a waste of time as the Rangers battle Negahorn, the latest Terror. Snow Princess comes down hard on Nina and refuses to let her fight until he learns her lesson. Nina must understand the ancient Mystic's wisdom and help the team defeat Negahorn. When Black Haddon gets involved Dana Vespoli finally resurfaces.

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