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The Road to Corinth
Bikini Rangers RPM, Episode 3x01
Air date September 7, 2009
Production Information
Written by Nicole Shurcz
Directed by Nicole Shurcz

That's Final Fury


Cyberskull Everywhere

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The Road to Corinth is the first episode of Bikini Rangers RPM. It aired on the 7th of September, 2009. The episode introduces the RPM Rangers in pre-established circumstances in the battle against Venjix and his robotic army who seek to exterminate the last humans on Earth.


So we begin with what seems to be a female voice relating how the world has been taken over by a computer virus called Venjix. We see video of how it quickly took over the world’s communication, power, and defense systems, and soon created an army of robots called Grinders that laid waste to everything in their path, save for one domed city… the city of Corinth.


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