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The Gatekeeper
Bikini Rangers Mystic Force, Episode 8x11, 8x12
SAM 0091
Production Information
November 10, 2014
Written by Chalie Haskell
Directed by Jackie Marchand

Petrified Ava


The Great Discovery

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The Gate is a two-part episode of Bikini Rangers Mystic Force.


When Tanya Tate learns of her father's legacy, she takes on the role of the Gatekeeper. While she is victorious against Necrolai, she tries and fails to overpower Jessica Jaymes after he kidnaps Mr. Reindeerman. The gatekepper Door have been raised and the Titan Thunderzord. The Rangers reunite and, with Tanya Tate's power channeled through the Hunted House of Underworld and Titan Thunderzord, Lord Morlock is destroyed for good.


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Part 2

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