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Sushi Changer
Bikini Rangers Ninja Mask
Used by Gabriela Gold and Bree Silver
Production Order
Black Box Morpher
Brith Morpher

-"Execute Chinese Opera Mask Evolution!"

The Sushi Changer is Gabriela Gold and Bree Silver's morpher and power access device.


After receiving the Ika Disc from her Mom (Kris Jenner) as a going-away present as a child, Kardashian Sisters studied its power and design, and was eventually able to create the Sushi Changer based on what She understood. Kardashian Sisters was not raised to become a ninja, and as such, never received formal calligraphy training, but his not study of the Ika Disc allowed him to create what was later referred to as "Electronic Omega" , which he utilizes by typing in command codes on the Sushi Changer via text-messaging.

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