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Sprit Blaster Morpher
Morphin' Blaster2
Bikini Rangers omg!
Used by Super Dior Q, High Roller B and Blue Jones S
Production Order
Vera Bracelet
Super Priest Visor

- "Let's Go omg!" ("It's Morphin' Time!")

The Sprit Blaster Morpher are a cell phone-to-gun weapon used by Super Dior Q, High Roller B and Blue Jones S.


They do so by converting the Morphin Blaster to Gun Mode and pull out the lens, then slant it and raise it to their faces by shouting "Let's Morphin'!" when the changer announces "It's Morphin' Time!".


  • The Morphin Blaster is similar to Kamen Rider Faiz's transformation device, the Faiz Phone, as both take the form of cellphones before transforming and can be utilized as a blaster/gun.
    • Kamen Rider Diend also uses his transformation device, the Diendriver, as a gun. However, the Diendriver is always in the form of a gun, so he in fact fires it in order to transform.
  • The announcement of 'It's Morphin' Time!' is a reference to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

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