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Water Tribe

Sea Brothers Voyager
Pilot/Summoner: Draya Michele
Season: Space Blitz
First Appearance: Going Stranger
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances:

The Sea Brothers Voyager are a trio of submarine style Zords that are composed of the Manta, Sawshark and Hammerhead Voyagers. They were the third set of auxiliary zords that the Rangers gained.

They are called on by using the Seaick Brother  Nitrozord Cards. They can combine onto Voyager Nitrozord to form the Sea Gosei Great combination of Sea Brothers Nitrozord. When all three are used on Mega Blasters alongside one with the Shark Voyager, the group attack is Sea Blast.


The Sea Brothers Voyager were the third auxiliary Zords that were gained by the Megaforce Rangers. Draya Michele gained the Seaick Brother card to use after she stands up against the much stronger Virox. Using them to modify Voyager Nitrozord, she took point in that Megazord combination.


Manta Voyager


Manta Voyager
Length: 13.1 m
Width: 18.1 m
Height: 6.9 m
Weight: 70 tons
Speed: 160 knots
Power: 300,000

Manta Voyager is a manta ray zord that's a member of the Sea Brothers Voyager. Forms the head of Sea Brothers Nitrozord. It has blasters on the hinges of each "wing".

Hammerhead Voyager


Hammerhead Voyager
Length: 14.2 m
Width: 9.9 m
Height: 9.0 m
Weight: 70 tons
Speed: 120 knots
Power: 300,000

Hammerhead Voyager is a hammerhead shark zord that's a member of the Sea Brothers Voyager. Forms the left hand of Sea Brothers Nitrozord.

Sawshark Voyager


Sawshark Voyager
Length: 22.9 m
Width: 7.3 m
Height: 9.6 m
Weight: 80 tons
Speed: 140 knots
Power: 400,000

Sawshark Voyager is a saw shark zord that's part of the Sea Brothers Voyager. Forms the right hand of Sea Brothers Nitrozord.

Sea Brothers Nitrozord

Seaick Gosei Great

Sea Brothers Nitrozord
  • Dragon Voyager
  • Phoenix Voyager
  • Snake Voyager
  • Tiger Voyager
  • Shark Voyager
  • Manta Voyager
  • Hammerhead Voyager
  • Sawshark Voyager
Season: Space Blitz
First Appearance: Presto Change-O
Last Appearance: {{{lastepisode}}}
Number of Episode
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Length: 25.5 m
Width: 33.5 m
(Wingspan): 61.4 m
Height: 50.2 m
Weight: 2520 t
Speed: 160 knots km/h
Power: 13,000,000

With the "Seaick Gosei Great" card, the Sea Brothers Voyager combine with the Voyager Nitrozord to become Sea Brothers Nitrozord, the Sea Gosei Great combination. The Sea Brothers Nitrozord can scan an opponent's weaknesses using a high sensitivity sonar on its right eye. This directly ties into Draya Michele's HUD. Sea Brothers Nitrozord's final attack is the Sea Strike, a combination hammer-punch/downward slash move.

Nitrozord Cards

Seaick Brother card

Summon Card

This Nitrozord Cards is used by the sole surviving Seaick Voyager, Gossip Blue, to summon the Seaick Brothers Voyager.


  • The Manta Voyager helmet resembles the hat of a pirate captain, with an eyepatch that acts as a scope to lock on to targets.
  • Once the combination of the Sea Brothers Voyager and the Voyager Nitrozord is active, a flicker of the card Seaick Gosei Great can be seen, the Sea Brothers Nitrozord combines and the rangers call out Sea Gosei Great.

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