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Rocky Punchman
Gender: Male
Villain Type: General
Season: Madame X
Homeworld: Unknown
First Apperance: Madame X Unleashed
Last Full Apperance:
Number of Episode Appearances: N/A (Bikini Rangers Madame X)

Rocky Punchman is one of the Master Squad Team Leaders who enjoys giving physical pain to others.

Character History

Rocky Punchman and rest the Master Squad awaken after their 3000-year slumber from Rome, Italy to attack humans and feed off of their desires.Madame X Unleashed

As a Team Leader

Rocky Punchman was playing a game with fellow Team Leaders Master Zedd and Faulz Gaza, telling him to forget that dull game and look forward to the heart-pounding activity that awaited. Rocky Punchman watched Steel Woodman commence the Monster Game on Earth with the other Master Squad, and was shocked to see him be defeated by Earth's warriors: the Madame X Rangers.Steel Woodman's Revenge

When Jazzi Mele questioned Master Zedd' sentiment that Earth was proving to be a suitable choice for the 100th Monster Game in light of the Madame X Rangers, Rocky Punchman explained to her that the push back was what made the game more exciting. Rocky Punchman would pitted against Faulz Gaza in a competition to execute the Monster Game on Earth by Master Zedd, who promised a reward for the one who amused him the most. Rocky Puchman's Team was the first to go, presenting his Player Arrowman. Arrowman ultimately fell to the Madame X Rangers, with Rocky Punchman cursing his carelessness.Taking Care of Business

Later on, King Joker would use a piece of Rocky Punchman's cubic body, infused with the embodiment of the Earth's energy, to forcibly transform Cardi B into Black GG Marmont.

Following The World's defection, both Rocky Puchman and Faulz Gaza were sent by King Joker to retrieve him. Arriving on Earth, the Team Leaders sent forth the Spadex in a violent onslaught against the first humans in their path, a group of construction workers, the Team Leaders took them hostage in order to bring out Black GG Marmont, with Faulz Gaza ordering Jennifer Lopez via a confiscated Madame Cellphone Changer to return Black GG Marmont in exchange for her friends only for Jennifer Lopez to come alone before engaging them with the Madame X Rangers alone. Defeating Jennifer Lopez, it was at this point that the Team Leaders were met by Cardi B, who decided to join the fight against the Master Squad as Black GG Marmont, joining Red Marciano in battle against them. Beaten back by the two human Madame X Rangers, the Team Leaders were forced to retreat with Faulz Gaza using his immortal comrade as a shield in the face of Black GG Marmont's World The Crash finisher before taking their leave.The Marmont Saga

Once Beast Hunterman was able to locate and lure out his prey, Poseidon Whalecube, Rocky Punchman launched an all out assault, attacking Beast Hunterman, the Madame X Rangers, and Poseidon Whalecube. This drives Poseidon Whalecube into a berserk state, attacking everyone and escaping.Free WhaleCube


Unlike his fellow deceptive and like to play his Games with brute power. He is a warrior with honor, openly praised the enemy who defeated him in battle, even though that enemy is an inferior being in his eyes. As shown when he refused to battle the Madame X Rangers, and only engaged them when constantly provoked, he seems to prefer playing the Blood Game fair. He is loyal to Master Zedd and Vicki Chase as well.

Monster Players

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  • Rocky Punchman's massive strength as well as his ability to regenerate brings to mind Mr. J/Crocodile Orphenoch from Kamen Rider 555, who shared the same suit actor as him. However, unlike the former, Rocky Punchman can regenerate as many times as he can while Mr. J can only regenerate thrice.
  • Him having a past with the non-human heroes' homeworld makes him very similar to Brajira of the Messiah from Goseiger.
  • In his legacy form, Rocky Punchman is very similar to Ultimate Org Senki from Gaoranger, in which they both claim to be indestructible beings where they cannot die as long as the core of their body is in intact.
    • Their deaths are also similar to each other where their physical body is first destroyed by the Rangers mecha, and the Rangers themselves deal the final blow to the core of their immortality.

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