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Icon-zeo.pngThis article is about a/an zord in Bikini Rangers Mystic Force.

Pilot/Summoner: n/a
Season: Mystic Force
First Appearance: The Joke's on Blue
Last Appearance: {{{lastepisode}}}
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Length: n/a m
Width: n/a m
Height: n/a m
Weight: tons
Speed: n/a km/h

Pyramidas is the Carrier Zord for the Bikini Rangers Mystic Force.

This gigantic pyramid is capable of interstellar flight, and it could shoot golden lightning bolts. Pyramidas can combine with the Manticore Zeonzord to create the Manticore Ultrazord, the ultimate in Zeon firepower.

Manticore Ultrazord

Zeo Ultrazord1.jpg

Manticore Zeonzord
Combined From:
  • Red Vespoli
  • Green Montana
  • Blue Electra
  • Yellow Devine
  • Pink Reign
  • Pyramidas
Season: Mystic Force
Length: 102 m
Width: 75 m
Speed: 65 km/h

The Manticore Ultrazord is used by The Mystic Force Rangers. It is formed with all five Zeon zords and Pyramidas. It utilized the combined power of all six Zords. It could be formed in two ways, either Carrier Mode or Warrior Mode.

In Warrior Mode, Pyramidas stood up on its side, and the Zeon zords moved inside, its cannon arms overhanging Pyramidas.

It could also contain the Manticore Ultrazord stood up to four times taller than Titan Thunderzord sized monsters and probably weighed twenty-five times as much or more. It could fire massive amounts of energy. It could also contain the Manticore Zeonzord rather than the Titan Thunderzord.

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