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Brmx-2019-logo.pngThis article is about a/an Megazord in Bikini Rangers Madame X.
Poseidon Whalecube
Number: 10
Pilot: SuperRed Marciano
Length: 64.0 m
Width: 45.0 m
Height: 44.0 m
Weight: 5,700 tons
Speed: 300 km/h
Power: 49,000,000

Poseidon Whalecube is the red Madame AnimalCube of Madame Whale, which is known as the Legendary Megabeast, modeled after a sperm whale. It can transform into the robot form named Madame X Whalezord and it also can combine with nine Madame AnimalCubes and the main four auxiliary Madame AnimalCube into Madame X Superzord, forming the upper body and head of the combination.


Armed with a pair of Torpedo Cannons, Poseidon Whalecube is able to travel either underwater or through the sky while its massive size enables it to smash through enemies or deliver a tail slap powerful enough to break apart Madame X Wildzord Special. It also possesses innate sacred abilities, being able to purify a wide expanse of coastline that had been contaminated by Beast Hunterman's poison.

Appearances: Madame X Episode 25-29, 31-34


Long ago, when the Madame Squad first appeared on Earth and before their emigration to Rome, a fearsome monster attacked the Earth. When a lone Whaleman named Cetus chose to stand against it, the Earth bestowed upon him the Whale Change Gun along with Whalecube, allowing Cetus to become Red Whale, the first and only male Madame X Rangers.

Centuries later, Whalecube resurfaced when the present day Madame X Rangers found the Whale Change Gun but when approached by them reacted with hostility, considering them a group of upstarts who felt entitled to his help simply because they had found Cetus' weapon. Ultimately, after Jennifer Lopez understood the bond that Poseidon Whalecube shared with Cetus and it saw that the Zyuohgers truly shared Cetus's desire to protect the world and all forms of life in it, Poseidon Whalecube finally accepted them as its comrades.

For the safe return of Jennifer Lopez, Beast Hunterman ordered the Madame X Rangers to hand Poseidon Whalecube over at Valley. Poseidon Whalecube escaped the Atelier Mori and attempted to go alone but was stopped by the Madame X Rangers with Cardi B understanding Poseidon Whalecube's devotion. Though the Madame X Rangers were seemingly annihilated by the firepower of the Yaban Great piloted by Faulz Gaza thereafter, having anticipated that Beast Hunterman would not keep his promise, they soon made their return from behind having had Arthropod Molecube allow them to escape underground. When Beast Hunterman enlarged after being defeated by the Madame X Rangers, Poseidon Whalecube became the centerpiece of the ultimate combination, Madame X Superzord, as it was formed for the first time, allowing the Madame X Rangers to finally destroy Beast Hunterman. Last Beast Standing

Madame X Whalezord

Madame X Whalezord
Pilot: SuperRed Marciano
Length: 23.5 m
Width: 48.0 m
Height: 64.0 m
Weight: 5,700 tons
Speed: 550 km/h
Power: 49,000,000

Madame X Whalezord is the robot form of Poseidon Whalecube. Madame X Whalezord is armed with the Kai-Oh Spear, Ocean King Spear, which manifests from the waterspout of Poseidon Whalecube's blowhole.

Appearances: Madame X Episode 26-29, 32

Additional Formations

Madame X Superzord

DSZ-Wild Tousai Dodeka King.png

Madame X Superzord
Combined From:
Length: 38.5 m
Width: 77.0 m
Height: 77.0 m
Weight: 12,700 tons
Speed: 630 km/h
Power: 106,000,000

Madame X Superzord is the combined form of the Ten Madame AnimalCubes and the main four auxiliary Madame AnimalCubes. Madame X Superzord is armed with the Delza Giraffecube on its right arm and the Arthropod Molecube on its left arm.

Its special attack is the Madame X Super Shot where it charges energy from the 14 Madame AnimalCubes and fires energy from its chest.

Its finisher is the Madame X Super Dynamite Stream where it manifests all 100 Madame AnimalCubes to charge at the enemy.

Appearances: Madame X Episode 28-29, 31-34


  • Poseidon Whalecube is similar to the Ancient Engines from Go-Onger.
    • They're the final set of Mecha in the season.
    • They're the first Mecha to appear, from ancient times, but have the last numbers.
    • Piloted by the Red Rangers of the season.
    • Attacked the other Mecha before running away.
    • Red Ranger gained their trust and became their ally.
  • Madame X Superzord is the only Madame X Robo not to use the Madame Wild Cannon and/or Madmae Sword.
  • The 100 Madame AnimalCubes used in the finisher on Beast Hunterman could be a reference to how there were several other Power Animals in Gaoranger that were never found.
  • Cube Whale is the first Whale themed Bikini Rangers Mecha/Robo that is driven by a Red Ranger.
  • Despite Poseidon Whalecube is modeled after Sperm Whale (a toothed whale), its "teeth" appearances are more like a baleen of baleen whale (another type of whale that is seen in Red Whale's suit and Whale Change Gun).

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