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Icon-akibaranger.pngThis article is about a/an mecha in Bikini Rangers Atomic Blitz.
Police Biker
Season: Atomic Blitz
First Appearance: Life in the Fast Lane
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode
TBA (Bikini Rangers Atomic Blitz)
Length: 28.4 m
Width: 9.4 m
Height: 11.1 m
Weight: 400 tons
Speed: 720
Power: 2,000,000

Police Biker is a white & blue auxiliary Atomic Triggerzords modeled after a police motorcycle and rider.


In its Attack Mode, the front wheel detaches so it can attack like a yo-yo. When used in a Keisatsu Boost, it allows the user to fire a Biker Suppression Shot, where the user fires an energy blast in the shape of a wheel. This attack can be enhanced using the power of other pieces in the Treasure Collection.


Being delivered to Atomic Branch Center alongside the Machine Crane & Drill by Nicolette Shea, by the time both teams fought each other again, Atomic Striker's good mood lead to him taking the Police Biker and giving it to the other Atomic Blitz Rangers.

Atomic Policezord

KSP-PatKaiser Biker.png

Atomic Policezord
Combined From:
Season: Atomic Blitz
First Appearance: Life in the Fast Lane
Last Appearance: {{{lastepisode}}}
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Length: 27.5 m
Width: 35.4 m
Height: 48.0 m
Weight: 2,100 tons
Speed: 600 km/h
Power: 10,500,000

Atomic Policezord is the combination between Atomic Patorlzord and Atomic Patorlzord. In this form, Atomic Patorlzord can attack with the front wheel on the arm which extends into a yo-yo that is used for whipping or grappling attacks. Its finishing move is Atomic Patorlzord Lock-Up Strike, where Atomic Patorlzord throws the enemy into the air with the biker wheel and Atomic Armoredzord's gun fires a series of shots at the monster above the mecha, destroying it.

Additional Formations

Atomic PoliceMachinezord

KSP-PatKaiser Strong Biker.png

Atomic PoliceMachinezord
Combined From:
  • Atomic Cruisezord
  • Police Biker
  • Trigger Machine Crane
  • Trigger Machine Drill
  • Atomic Striker
Season: Atomic Blitz
First Appearance: Ride Like the Wind
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode
Length: 27.5 m
Height: 48.0 m
Weight: 2,300 t
Main article: Machine Crane & Drill

The Atomic PoliceMachinezord is the combination between Atomic Cruisezord, Police Biker, and Machine Crane & Drill.

Its finisher is called Lift-Up Strike, where Trigger Machine Crane lifts up the enemy like a fisher and Police Biker uses its extending front wheel to pummel the enemy mid-air, destroying him/her.


  • Police Biker is the first motorcycle themed mecha to feature a notable representation of a motorcyclist in its design rather than be a mount for a Sentai Robo
    • Police Biker also shares some similarities to the DekaBike from Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger and Omegamax Cycle from Power Rangers S.P.D.
      • Both mecha resemble police motorcycles and are white with blue accents on the mecha with the only difference being that Deka Bike and Omegamax Cycle is a One-Mecha Robo that can be used as a mount for its main Robo while Trigger Machine Biker is an auxiliary mecha.
  • Police Biker (in terms of its attack mode along with its respective Robo formations as a weapon) may be a reference to the manga series "Sukeban Deka" (in which the main character was armed with a metal yo-yo that doubled as a weapon).
  • Its Atomic Dialzord counterpart is Ninja Cyclone.

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