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PIC 08653

Combined From:
  • Kishamoth Line
  • T-line
  • K-line
  • D-Line
  • P-Line
Season: RPM
First Appearance: Ancient History
Last Appearance: Danger and Destiny, Part 1
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Length: n/a m
Width: 402 m
Height: 388 m
Weight: 1,430 t
Speed: 32 (20 mph) km/h

The PailoMaxNitro was built at the Dinosaur Museum compound by Professor. Due to being based on extinct creatures, the zord could not sync up with the energy bio field, and was never supposed to see the light of day. It was accidentally unleashed by Professor. While the Professor was out looking for Doctor K, the zords began wildly running about. After Professor found out where Doctor K was, he allowed her to finish the PailoMaxNitro modifications, giving RPM Rangers the ability to control it. The zord can convert to the PailoMaxNitro.

Megazord Configuration

PailoMaxNitro is formed when the Kishamoth Line, T-line, K-line, D-Line and P-Line reconfigures from its standard train formation. The Mammoth car serves as the main torso, the T-rex serves as the right leg, and the Triceratops serves as the left leg and Parasaur serves as the right arm, and the Dimetro serves as the left arm. PailoMaxNitro is extremely powerful, and he also has the ability to shoot out a gust of cold air from the Mammoth nose, which is at a temperature so cold, it can freeze magma. It was deleted by Venjix in the final episodes.


Ultra PailomaxNitro

PIC 0868

The Ultra PailomaxNitro, is a combination of all 14 Zord Attack Vehicles, piloted by the fourteen RPM Rangers, allowing the other two trains to attach in their place as the new formations arms.

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