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Omg! PlanetMegazord
Combined From:
  • SpeedFormula-00
  • Super DualDrill-06
  • Shovel Swing-07
  • GoGo CraneDriver-09
  • NASA Rocketship-10
Season: omg!
First Appearance: Clash of the Megazords
Last Appearance: Endings, Part 1
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Length: n/a m
Width: 41.4 m
Height: 49.8 m
Weight: 49.8 m
Speed: 500 km/h

Omg! PlanetMegazord is omg! Rangers' second megazord combo that was using the five auxiliary Omg! PlanetMegazord:SpeedFormula-00, Super DualDrill-06, Shovel Swing-07, GoGo CraneDriver-09 and NASA Rocketship-10.

omg! Planetzords


PIC 0903

The SpeedFormula-00 is the zord of the Sweetpea Green 2, resembling an armored Formula 1 racecar. When the omg! PlanetMegazord is formed it is the right leg.

Super DualDrill-06

OO Drill

The Super DualDrill-06 is piloted by Rocket Yellow 4. It is a giant drilling vehicle with three spiral cones. It becomes the left leg when the omg! PlanetMegazord are formed.

Shovel Swing-07


The Shovel Swing-07 piloted by Blondie Blue 3. It becomes the left arm when the omg! PlanetMegazord are formed.

GoGo CraneDriver-09

OO Crane

The GoGo CraneDriver-09 piloted by Babydoll Pink 5. It becomes the right arm when the omg! PlanetMegazord are formed.

NASA Rocketship-10

IMG 20140602 084804 812

The NASA Rocketship-10 piloted by Amber Red 1. It becomes the body when the omg! PlanetMegazord are formed.

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