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PIC 0908

omg! MegaZord
Combined From:
  • Sonic Jet-01
  • Cement Mixer-02
  • Dump Truck-03
  • Dozer Machine-04
  • Flashpoint Rescue-05
Season: omg!
First Appearance: MegaZord Mission
Last Appearance: Endings, Part 1
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Length: n/a m
Width: 35.7 m
Height: 47.0 m
Weight: 3000 t
Speed: 300 km/h

The Omg! MegaZord is the first Megazord of the omg! Rangers.


Sonic Jet-01

PIC 0898

The Sonic Jet-01 is piloted by Amber Red 1 on the rare occasions where She got into the cockpit. When the Omg! MegaZord is formed, the Sonic Jet-01 becomes the upper chest, and helmet. While when is formed, it becomes the body, leg and head.

Cement Mixer-02

PIC 0899

The Cement Mixer-02 is piloted by Sweetpea Green 2. Omg! MegaZord are formed, the Cement Driver becomes the left foot.

Dump Truck-03

PIC 0900

The Dump Truck-03 is piloted by Blondie Blue 3. Omg! MegaZord are formed, the Dump Tuck Driver becomes the right foot.

Dozer Machine-04

PIC 0901

The Dozer Machine-04 is piloted by Rocket Yellow 4. When the Omg! MegaZord is formed it becomes the right arm. Currently unnamed formation that allows Flash Point to use the Drive Digger Saber Mode.

Flashpoint Rescue-05

PIC 0902

The Flashpoint Rescue-05 is an ambulance inspired zord, designed by Danielle Staub and given to Babydoll Pink 5. It hovers in the air, allowing it to around enemies and blast them with its lasers. It becomes the right arm of the Omg! MegaZord.

omg! Megazord Drill Mode

PIC 0909

The omg! Megazord Drill Mode are replaced by Super DualDrill-06.

Super DualDrill-06

OO Drill

The Super DualDrill-06 is piloted by Super Dior Q. It is a giant drilling vehicle with three spiral cones. When theomg! Megazord Drill Mode are formed, it.

omg! Megazord Formula Mode

The omg! Megazord Formula Mode are replaced by SpeedFormula-00.

PIC 0905


PIC 0903

The SpeedFormula-00 is the zord of the Madame Vera X, resembling an armored Formula 1 racecar. When the Omg! MegaZord is formed it is the left arm.

omg! Megazord Shovel Mode

PIC 0906

The omg! Megazord Shovel Mode are replaced by Shovel Swing-07.

Shovel Swing-07


The Shovel Swing-07 piloted by Blue Jones S. It becomes the left arm when the omg! Megazord Shovel Mode are formed.

omg! Megazord GoGo Crane Mode


The omg! Megazord GoGo Crane Mode are replaced by GoGo CraneDriver-09.

GoGo CraneDriver-09

OO Crane

The GoGo CraneDriver-09 piloted by High Roller B. It becomes the right arm when the omg! Megazord Shovel Mode are formed.

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