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Omg! Battlizer Morpher
SPD - Battlized Morpher - 04
Bikini Rangers omg!
Used by Amber Red 1
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Super Priest Visor
Mystic Morpher

- Cyber Mode, activate!"

The omg! Battlizer Morpher is Amber Red 1's own personal weapon.


The omg! Battlizer Morpher was designed by Danielle Staub, based off the technology of the Omega Morpher, and can only be used by the Red Amber 1. Danielle installed the Battlizer technology into RIC's system. It was first used by Ryan Keely (the original Red Amber 1), and then by Kayla Paige. Ryan originally tested it out in, succeeding in destroying Blue Gloo and her clones. Ryan let Kayla use it to avenge her father by defeating Blue Gloo.

Cyber Mode:

  • To activate, The Red Amber 1 says "omg! Battlizer!". R.I.C.O. comes running, giving Red the Magna Morpher. The Red Amber 1 catches the morpher in a stance, presses the red button while saying "Cyber Mode Activate!", gaining, a Energy Sword, Metallic Gauntlets and Metallic Greaves. The Battlizer increases The Red Amber 1 power and agility.

Sonic Mode:

  • R.I.C.O. is used as armor (torso and shins, jet pack, siren blasters). To activate, The Red Ranger must put his sword away. Then he breaks some hand moves and says "Battlizer, Sonic Mode." The The Red Amber 1 runs with RICO. The Energy Sword disappears, then they fligh in mid air. RICO transforms into battlizer armor and attaches to the The Red Amber 1. The The Red Amber 1 gains foot armor; RICO's outer body turns into armor, and RICO's head and spine become a sword. The Red Ranger then says "Battlizer, Mode 2, Complete!" Sonic Mode comes with its own finishing move; The sword becomes a flaming sword, then The Red Amber 1 flies up in the air, and releases four streaks of fire from the sword (with the last one destroying the enemy or enemies). The finishing move can also be used to capture a enemy or enenmies in a Containment Card.

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