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PIC 0720

Combined From:
  • Body Jet
  • Submarie Leg
  • AquaJet Arm
  • DigDrill Leg
  • Jet Arm
Season: The Original Series
First Appearance: Mechabusters
Last Appearance: Doomsday, Part 2
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Length: n/a m
Width: 33.5 m
Height: 44 m
Weight: 2,300 t
Speed: 400 km/h

Nitro is the first Megazord used by the The Original Rangers in Bikini Rangers: The Original Series, a combination of the five Mechazords.


This combination would be the first to demonstrate a rare ability among Megazords: that of transformation within its combined state. Despite being impressively shielded and well-armed, the utility of this formation was limited, especially in combat with agile, moving targets. This form is rarely used for prolonged battle. The Original Rangers received the power of the Zords as part of their powerset.


Body Jet

PIC 0719

The Body Jet is piloted by Mia X on the rare occasions where Mia X got into the cockpit. When the Nitro is formed, the Sonic Streaker becomes the jet pack, upper chest, and helmet. While when the Nitro is formed, it becomes the body and head.

Submarie Leg

PIC 0696

The Submarie Leg is piloted by Kathleen ''DJ K-Sly'' Taylor. The Sub Driver is the ShanqanBlue's main Zord. It is the only zord capable of deep sea searching, in part by having a double plated hull, which makes it impervious to millions of psi of water pressure. It is also equipped with mounted laser cannons. The speed of the Sub Driver borders breaking the sound barrier. When the Nitro, Super DragonNitro, and Mega MercuryNitro is formed, the Sub Driver forms the left leg, it becomes the left shin.

AquaJet Arm

PIC 0686

The AquaJet Arm is piloted by Lumidee, who draws his power from this vehicle's Parallel Engine. AquaJet Arm has cables which are strong enough to enable the AquaJet Arm to lift the Marine. In addition, the AquaJet Arm is actually two vehicles combined—the part that forms Nitro's arm is an exploration vehicle called Met Lander. When the AquaJet Arm is formed, it becomes left arm.

DigDrill Leg

PIC 0687

The DigDrill Leg is piloted by Eve. It is a giant drilling vehicle with three spiral cones. When the Nitro, Super DragonNitro, and Mega MercuryNitro are formed, it becomes the right leg.

Jet Arm

PIC 0699

The Jet Arm is piloted by Camille Mana. It can air jets to put out lift the air with its assortment of magnetic grapple hooks and ziplines. When the Jet Arm is formed, it becomes right arm.

The Flying Bookship

PIC 0685

The Flying Bookship. Its book open to let the components of the The Original Rangers' mecha launch.

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