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Gender: Female
Villain Type: Leader/Mistress/Minion
Season: Ninja Mask
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
First Apperance: Minka-Mania
Last Full Apperance: End of the Ninja Mask
Status: Tennnis Player and Former Korean pornographic actress in the big-bust genre.
Number of Episode Appearances: N/A (Bikini Rangers Ninja Mask)

Minka is a fictional character from the universe of the franchise Bikini Rangers.


She was born Seoul, South Korea on September 7, 1970 (1970-09-07). Of Korean heritage and raised in South Korea, after obtaining her college degree Minka traveled to the United States in late 1993 to start a career as a tennistrainer. However, her English was not fluent enough to pass the English proficiency teaching exam and she was unable to get a tennis teaching license.

Adult Entertaiment

While in the process of waiting to move to the US, she worked as a stripper. After receiving breast implants in 1995, she went to England for a little while and posed for photos in Score, an American adult magazine specializing in large-busted models. She then performed in her first adult film, "Duke of Knockers 2". Minka has polypropylene string breast implants to achieve the exceptionally big bust size reported as 55KK. She claims that her breasts weigh 13.5 pounds (6.1kg) each. Minka has made cameo appearances on NBC-TV's Late Night with Conan O' Brien (1993), The Jerry Springer Show (1996), and Spike TV's MANswers (2007). She made an appearance in a spoof as wrestler/manager "Satin" on Ted Turner's World Championship Wrestling (WCW) program in 1999. Minka was cynically "proclaimed" as the "number one Asian big boob queen" by radio personality Adam Carolla on Loveline where she appeared as a guest in December 2000.

After Adult Entertaiment

On 2011, Minika announcend she retired from adult entertaiment.

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