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Major Destra
Gender: Male
Villain Type: General
Season: Atomic Blitz
Hometown: Back World
First Apperance: Like a Rolling Cube, Part 1
Last Full Apperance: Cut the Cake
Number of Episode Appearances: N/A (Bikini Rangers Atomic Blitz)

Major Destra is the bodyguard of Colonel Yaboon who is both smart and powerful.

Character History

Major Destra was accompanying his boss Colonel Yaboon when he seized the Treasure Collection, an assembly of immensely powerful items collected by the legendary thief Lupin Phantom. Arriving in the Zwick Gangler mansion with Colonel Yaboon, he needs to physically restrained the gang members and physician Gina de la Goche to wish Dogranio a happy 69th birthday.

Standing by his boss, Major Destra witnessed the destruction of Garatt Nargo


He seems to take his job as Dogranio's bodyguard very seriously, not letting anyone get to close to him, and only doing so when Dogranio tells him it's alright. He also has a mutually antagonistic view of Gina de la Goche, getting visibly angry with her when she requests things from Dogranio. But from the other side Major Destra really interested in Treasure Collection. He trying to understand what a difference between Gangler and human pieces. And it seems that he almost figured it out.


Major Destra is the most powerful Gangler except for his boss, Dogranio. In addition to his raw strength, he is an excellent fighter, able to take on several enemies at once and still be the unquestionable winner.


  • ​​He carries a large war hammer, which is also a rocket laucher. 
  • He can use a special grenade to create a Goram.


  • Height: ???cm
  • Weight: ???kg
  • Criminal Record:
  • Lupin Collection: 1st piece: Far away/Au loin slingshot (gives it to Togeno) 2nd piece: The stroke of luck/Le coup de chance" Handheld MTD (Military Tracking Device) (gives it to Anidara)
  • Gangler Safe Location: Left and Right Shoulders.
  • Password Number: (Left shoulder) ???; (Right shoulder) ???;

Behind the Scenes


  • "Destra" is Italian for "right", indicating his status as Colonel Yaboon's right-hand man and personal bodyguard.


  • Major Destra's motif is based on a Dilophosaurus and a hand-grenade.
  • Major Destra is the first Gangler Monster of the Interdimensional Crime Group Zwick Gangster to have a pair of *Gangler Safes on his body, offically refered to as "Status Double". He's also the first Status Gold *Gangler to appear on the show along with Colonel Yaboon & Gina de la Goche.

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