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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by Madame X Rangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Madame X page as well as the team page of the Madame X Rangers.


Madame Cellphone Changer

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Madame X MorphBrace

Madame X Changer

Madame Cellphone Changer is the Madame X Rangers' transformation device.

GG Marmont Cellphone Charger

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GG Marmont Cellphone Charger

GG Marmont Cellphone Charger is the Black GG Marmont's transformation device.

Multi-Use Devices Edit

Madame Medal Keys

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Madame Medal Keys

Madame Medal Keys

The Madame Medal Keys are the collectible key-like items used by the Madame X Rangers to allow them to transform from civilian to Ranger form through the use of the Madame X Morpher.


Tajadol Spinner


Tajadol Spinner

The Tajadol Spinner is the weapon of Red Marciano.

Shauta Whip


Shauta Whip

The Shauta Whip is the weapon of Blue Ferragamo.

Latorartar Claws


Latorartar Claws

The Latorartar Claws is the weapon of Yellow Dior.

Gatakiriba Blade


Gatakiriba Blade

The Gatakiriba Blade is the weapon of Green Chanel.

Sagohzo Bagoon


Sagohzo Bagoon

The Sagohzo Bagoon is the weapon of White Gabbana.

Putotyra Ice-Slashes

The Putotyra Ice-Slashes is the weapon of Black GG Marmont, The Putotyra Ice-Slashes can interchange between Axe Mode and Bazooka Mode. It can also be used with other forms, allowing GG to execute ice-powered slashes. However, only Black GG Marmont is able to control the weapon's Bazooka Mode. If the mouth of the Putotyra Ice-Slashes is left shut for a few seconds without opening it back, depending on which Madame Medal Keys type was inserted, the weapon will burp (two short burps when a Cell Medal is inserted, or a single long burp when a Core Madame Medal Keys is inserted).

Individual Weapons

EagRiser X

Still eaglizer

EagRiser X

The EagRiser X is Ankh Red's personal weapon, a sword with a pixelated design whose blade can extend into a whip for distance attacks, grappling, or defense where it can fend powerful attacks.

Madame Buster X

The Madame Buster X is the primary sidearm of the four Madame X Rangers, consisting of two blocks mounted on a handle which the 4 Madame X Rangers can switch between Sword Mode (red block) and Gun Mode (blue block) by sliding out whichever block is in front and and then inserting it into the back to push the second block forward. By holding down the trigger, the four Madame X Rangers can charge up the Madame X Buster's energy to perform one of two finisher attacks:

  • Madame Slash X: The finisher for Sword Mode. When performed by all four members, the Madame X Rangers assume the form of a giant paw with color-coded claws which slashes the opponent.
  • Madame Shoot X: The finisher for Gun Mode. It fires a spinning cube shaped energy blast similar to the Madame Buster X's standard projectile but larger and more solid.


Transformation Devices

Multi-Use Devices


Individual Weapons and Team Weapon

Other Devices

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