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Madame X Predazord
Combined From:
  • Kyouryu Rhinocube
  • Tokugawa Gatorcube
  • Nobunaga Wolfcube
Season: Madame X
First Appearance: The Marmont Saga, Part 2
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Length: 15.5 m
Width: 61.0 m
Height: 48.5 m
Weight: 4000 t
Speed: 500 km/h
Power: 33,000,000

Madame X Predazord is the personal Giant Robo of the Black GG Marmont.


Madame X Predazord, alternatively known as Predazord 8*7*9, is the default formation of the mecha, formed by combining Kyouryu Rhinocube, Tokugawa Gatorcube and Nobunaga Wolfcube. To initiate the transformation, Black GG Marmont activates Combine Mode on her GG Marmont Cellphone Charger to its combination face. Once the combine function is initiated, three parts of Kyouryu Rhinocube separate. The legs of Madame X Predazord stand up so that the upper body can connect with the legs. After that, Cube Crocodile attaches itself to Madame X Predazord right arm and the horn of Kyouryu Rhinocube attaches itself to Madame X Predazord's left arm. Last but not least, Nobunaga Wolfcube stacks itself on the top of Madame X Predazord's upper body, then folds itself to form the head.

Its strength rivals that of Madame X Ultrazord and is able to launch Tokugawa Gatorcube and Nobunaga Wolfcube from its body to slam into an opponent with enough force to counter Madame X Ultrazord's Madame Dynamic Strike. It can also summon cubes from its shoulders.

Madame X Predazord's finisher is Triple The Beast where cubes land on Madame AnimalCubes's shoulders to charge it up before it fires three energy blasts shaped like its component Madame AnimalCubes from Tokugawa Gatorcube's mouth.

Appearances: Madame X Episodes 17-23, 28, 32


The three AnimalCubes which make up Madame X Predazord were accessed by Cardi B whose respective Madame Powers were forcibily drained and thrust upon Cardi B by the Master Squad II owner, King Joker, transforming her into a evil hybrid organism which the Master Squad II christened The World. The Marmont Saga

The World first summoned her AnimalCubes to make her fight with the Madame X Rangers "more exciting", having single-handedly overwhelmed all five on the ground. Bombarding the Madame X Rangers who summoned their six AnimalCubes in response, Black GG Marmont's AnimalCubes met them in a brief skirmish before forming Madame X Predazord for the first time. With the Madame X Rangers forming Madame X Ultrazord, Madame X Predazord began its assault and quickly proved to have the upperhand, using Tokugawa Gatorcube to disarm Madame X Ultrazord of the Madame Sword. Facing Madame X Ultrazord's Madame Dynamic Strike attack, Black GG Marmont detached Tokugawa Gatorcube and Nobunaga Wolfcube to block the finisher before it could fire. Proceeding to unleash her own finisher, Tousai Triple the Beasts, Madame X Predazord successfully defeated Madame X Ultrazord, leaving the Madame X Rangers defenseless in their AnimalCubes which were forced to seperate. However, Black GG Marmont was stopped short of finishing them by King Joker, who wished to prolong the enjoyment of the Deadly Game.The Marmont Saga

After Cardi B joined the the Madame X Rangers team, Nicole Scherzinger asked her about the origins of the three Madame AnimalCubes, asking if King Joker either found the three cubes or if they were created by her. However, Cardi B sadly didn't know, stating she was only given the Cubes after she became Black GG Marmont, thus leaving their origins a mystery for now.The Marmont Saga

Cardi B comes up with the idea to combine Madame X Predazord, Madame X Cubezord, Madame X Wildzord and the four auxiliary Madame AnimalCubes. After three attempts, Cardi B finds the right configuration and the six form Madame X Megazord.The Marmont Saga

Madame AnimalCubes

Kyouryu Rhinocube

DSZ-Cube Rhinos.png
Kyouryu Rhinocube
Number: 9
Pilot: Black GG Marmont
Length: 100.5 m
Width: 28.0 m
Height: 21.5 m
Weight: 2800 tons
Speed: 500 km/h
Power: 23,000,000

Kyouryu Rhinocube is Black GG Marmont's primary Madame AnimalCubes. Unlike the others, Kyouryu Rhinocube is a modified Madame AnimalCubes. As such, it lacks a cube form and instead is modelled after a two trailer carrier truck, similar to Engine Carrigator from Go-Onger. It carries Tokugawa Gatorcube and Nobunaga Wolfcube into battle while its massive size enables it to easily smash through either obstacles or opponents. It forms the torso, legs, and left arm of Madame X Predazord, and the torso, legs, head of Madame X Megazord and and the chest of Madame X Superzord.

Appearances: Madame X Episodes 17-23, 27-34

Tokugawa Gatorcube

Tokugawa Gatorcube
Number: 7
Pilot: Black GG Marmont
Length: 37.0 m
Width: 13.0 m
Height: 13.0 m
Weight: 600 tons
Speed: 450 km/h
Power: 5,000,000

Tokugawa Gatorcube is the second of Black GG Marmont's Madame AnimalCubes. It attacks with a powerful bite and an energy beam fired from its mouth. Forms the right arm of both Madame X Predazord and Madame X Megazord and a portion of the left leg of Madame X Superzord.

Appearances: Madame X Episodes 17-23, 27-34

Nobunaga Wolfcube

Nobunaga Wolfcube
Number: 8
Pilot: Black GG Marmont
Length: 32.0 m
Width: 20.0 m
Height: 15.0 m
Weight: 600 tons
Speed: 500 km/h
Power: 5,000,000

Nobunaga Wolfcube is the third of Black GG Marmont's Madame AnimalCubes. It uses its speed and agility to perform hit and run attacks on opponents while blasting at them with mouth fired energy bolts. It can also fire a sonic beam in its cube mode. Forms the head of Madame X Predazord, the left arm of Madame X Megazord and and a portion of the left leg of Madame X Superzord.

Appearances: Madame X Episodes 17-23, 27-34

Other Formations

Madame X Predazord Boomerang

DSZ-Tousai Zyuoh Komori Boomerang.png

Madame X Predazord Boomerang
Combined From:
Length: 15.5 m
Width: 61.0 m
Height: 48.5 m
Weight: 4,200 tons

Madame X Predazord Boomerang the weapon form of Destron Batcube, to perform the Destron Boomerang Madame Cutter finisher where Madame X Predazord throws the Destron Boomerang at the opponent to slash them multiple times while in flight.

Appearances: Madame X Episodes 19, 27, 32

Madame X Megazord

DSZ-Wild Tousai King.png

Madame X Megazord
Combined From:
Length: 28.5 m
Width: 61.0 m
Height: 72.0 m
Weight: 8,800 tons
Speed: 600 km/h
Power: 73,000,000

The Madame X Megazord is the combined form of the first nine Madame AnimalCubes and the main four auxiliary Madame Animal Cubes. Madame X Megazord is armed with the Big Madame Sword on its right arm and the Big Wild Cannon on its left arm.

Its finishers are the Madame Direct Hit Final Strike where it charges the Big King Sword with the power of all 13 component Madame AnimalCubes which it manifests as a powerful blade of energy that pierces through the opponent and the Madame Direct Shot where it charges the Big Wild Cannon with the power of all 13 component Madame AnimalCubes and fires a powerful blast of energy at the opponent.

Appearances: Madame X Episodes 20-23, 28, 30


  • While Kyouryu Rhinocube doesn't have any cube form, a hypothetical cube form of Cube Rhinos can be seen in the background during completion of Madame X Megazord.
  • Kyouryu Rhinocube is the first Rhinoceros themed Mecha whose pilot is a Sixth Ranger.
  • Nobunaga Wolfcube is the first wolf themed mecha to form the head and not a limb.

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