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DSZ-Zyuoh King

Madame X Cubezord 1*2*3
Combined From:
  • Ankh Eaglecube
  • Mezool Sharkcube
  • Kazari Lioncube
Season: Madame X
First Appearance: Steel Woodman's Revenge
Last Appearance: TBA
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Length: 15.0 m
Width: 26.0 m
Height: 45.5 m
Weight: 2000 t
Speed: 500 km/h
Power: 17,000,000

Madame X Cubezord is the main Giant Robo in Bikini Rangers Madame X.



The Madame Sword

Madame X Cubezord is the Giant Mecha formation of any 3 of the 5 primary Cube Animals. While this mecha can assemble in multiple combinations, each combination requires Ankh Eaglecube to serve as the command component. To initiate the transformation, Red Marciano activates Combine Mode on her Madame Cellphone Changer and inputs the corresponding number code for each Madame AnimalCubes involved in the combination. Once the combine function is initiated, three square portals appear in the sky which the designated Madame AnimalCubes pass through and then switch to Cube Mode beore stacking on top of each other. The Madame Sword then comes down from the sky and inserts itself into the center of the stack to serve as the locking component for the combination. From there, the Big King Sword twists and locks the stack into position, switching the Madame AnimalCubes to their robot configuration before the hilt of the Madame Sword reveals the face of the mecha and the smaller Madame Sword is released to activate it. Should a situation arise where the Mecha becomes immobilized, Ankh Eaglecube can seperate from its current combination to reform Madame X Cubezord with the other Madame AnimalCubes.

Appearances: Madame X Episodes 4, 6-8, 15, 19


The Madame AnimalCubes were first accessed by the Madame X Rangers in the face of their first enlarged opponent, the Master Squad Team Leader Steel Woodman who was given a Continue by Jazzi Mele. Signaled by their Madame Cellphone Changer and Madame Medal Keys into summoning the Madame AnimalCubes, the Madame X Rangers boarded their individual Cubes and engaged Steel Woodman and his flight of Triangular fighter craft. After swiftly destroying the Triangulars, the Madame X Rangers were guided into forming Madame X Cubezord for the first time, with Mezool Sharkcube, and Kazari Lioncube joining Ankh Eaglecube in forming the initial 1*2*3 combination while Uva Elephant and Gamel Tiger missed the "first come, first serve." Fighting the giant Steel Woodman while backed up by Uva Elephant and Gamel Tiger, Madame X Cubezord quickly outmatched the Master Squad and performed the Madame Sword Slash to destroy him.Steel Woodman's Revenge

The Madame AnimalCubes were soon summoned again to fight the giant Arrowman and, after halting his storm of spears, Madame X Cubezord was formed again, only this time it was Elephant and Tiger's turn to catch the "first come, first serve", thus forming the 1*5*4 combination for the first time. Softening him with the Elephant and Tiger Kicks, Madame X Cubezord quickly destroyed Arrowman with the Madame Megaton Kick.Taking Care of Business

With Uva Elephant and Gamel Tiger buried by a rockfall caused by the giant Christmas Sprit Arrowman's gunfire, Madame X Cubezord 1*2*3* was formed only for the bigger target to be buried up to Ankh Eaglecube as well. However, Elephant and Tiger soon found they could free themselves by switching from Animal to Cube modes, with Eagle taking the opportunity to join up with them as Madame X Cubezord 1*5*4 which moved to eluded Christmas Sprit Arrowman's attempt to bury it only for the surrounding forest area to receive damage. Sensing that the Madame X Rangers needed to take Christmas Sprit Arrowman down fast, the cube they discovered earlier transformed into the Delza Giraffecube which outmatched Christmas Sprit Arrowman firepower before joining Madame X Cubezord as the Delza GiraffeBazooka, destroying Christmas Sprit Arrowman with the Madame Fire.Christmas Heist

Forming Madame X Cubezord 1*2*3* to face the giant Taurus Bullman, who intended to capture the Madame AnimalCubes with his Capture Net in order to restart his Battle Show, the Madame X Rangers saw Uva Elephant and Gamel Tiger ensnared by his net and quickly summoned Delza Giraffecube to free them before equipping it to Madame X Cubezord, performing the Madame Fire to destroy Taurus Bullman.Champion in the Ring

Facing the intensely intimidating power of Master Zedd, J.Lo opted to summon both Madame X Cubezord and Madame X Wildzord at once to face the mechanical monster when it enlarged itself. However, even both giant robots together quickly proved to be no match against the Master Zedd who overwhelmed them with its firepower, heavily damaging the Madame AnimalCubes to the point where they were forced to seperate while the Madame X Rangers were ejected with their transformations negated as the city was devastated by Zedd's assault.Madame X Assembly

Facing the giant robot with a renewed resolve and confidence in themselves as a team, the Madame X Rangers were granted square rings guiding them to combine their six Madame AnimalCubes along with their two auxilary Cube Weapons to form Madame X Ultrazord for the first time. Brushing off the Master Zedd's firepower before physically outmatching it, the Madame X Rangers peformed the Madame Dynamic Strike finisher to destroy Zedd.Madame X Assembly

Madame AnimalCubes

The Madame AnimalCubes are the personal mecha of the five core Madame X Rangers. The Madame X Rangers first summoned them from the Madame Cellphone Changer and Madame Medal Keys by pressing the yellow button on the Changers' keypad. Afterward, allowing the Madame X Rangers to board them whereupon they rotate the faces of their Madame Cellphone Changer to form the image of a cube before inserting them into the Cube's consoles to control them. During a battle, the Madame AnimalCubes can change from their animal to their cube forms for heightened defense as well as to perform slamming attacks.

Ankh Eaglecube

DSZ-Cube Eagle

DSZ-Cube 1

Ankh Eaglecube
Number: 1
Pilot: Red Marciano
Length: 24.0 m
Width: 39.5 m
Height: 12.5 m
Weight: 600 tons
Speed: Mach 1
Power: 5,000,000
Ankh Eaglecube is Red Marciano's Madame AnimalCubes. Fires lasers from the turbine in its back and can also perform a flaming divebomb attack. Forms the torso and arms of Madame X Cubezord in all of its combinations, the left arm of Madame X Ultrazord.

Appearances: Madame X Episodes 4-8, 12-15, 17-23

Mezool Sharkcube

DSZ-Cube Shark

DSZ-Cube 2

Mezool Sharkcube
Number: 2
Pilot: Blue Ferragamo
Length: 30.0 m
Width: 13.0 m
Height: 17.5 m
Weight: 600 tons
Speed: 200 knots
Power: 5,000,000
Mezool Sharkcube is Blue Ferragamo's Madame AnimalCubes. Attacks with a powerful bite and is able to fly in addition to swim. Forms the hips of Madame X Cubezord, and Madame X Ultrazord.

Appearances: Madame X Episodes 4-8, 11-15, 17-23

Kazari Lioncube

DSZ-Cube Lion

DSZ-Cube 3

Kazari Lioncube
Number: 3
Pilot: Yellow Dior
Length: 22.5 m
Width: 13.0 m
Height: 20.0 m
Weight: 600 tons
Speed: 400 km/h
Power: 5,000,000
Kazari Lioncube is Yellow Dior's Madame AnimalCubes. Fires a lightning blast from its mouth and like AnimalCubes is able to bite its opponents. Forms the legs of Madame X Cubezord, and Madame X Ultrazord.

Appearances: Madame X Episodes 4-8, 11-15, 17-23

Alternate Combinations

Madame X Cubezord 1*5*4

DSZ-Zyuoh King 154

Madame Cubezord 1*5*4
Combined From:
  • Ankh Eaglecube
  • Gamel Tiger
  • Uva Elephant
Length: 15.0 m
Width: 26.0 m
Height: 45.5 m
Weight: 2000 tons
Speed: 500 km/h
Power: 17,000,000
Madame X Cubezord 1*5*4 is the robot formation of Ankh Eaglecube, Gamel Tiger, and Uva Elephant. This combination grants increased speed and mobility, allowing Madame X Cubezord to dash across the battlefield as well as dogde enemies' long-ranged attacks.

It is armed with Gamel Tiger's claws on its knees and specializes in kicking attacks:

  • Elephant Kick: A sliding tackle kick used to knock opponents off their feet.
  • Tiger Kick: A flying knee strike that uses Gamel Tiger's claws to deal extra damage.

Madame X Cubezord 1*5*4's finisher is the Madame Megaton Kick: A diving kick that combines the powers of the Eagle, Elephant and Tiger Madame Animalcubes into a single strike.

Appearances: Madame X Episodes 5-6

Madame X Cubezord 1*5*4 Delza HolidayBazooka

Main article: Delza Giraffecube
ZyuohKing 154 Kirin Bazooka

Madame X Cubezord 1*5*4 Delza HolidayBazooka
Combined From:
Length: 15.0 m
Width: 26.0 m
Height: 45.5 m
Weight: 2200 tons

The Madame X Cubezord 1*5*4 Delza HolidayBazooka is the very first combination to equip the Delza HolidayBazooka. In this combination, the Delza HolidayBazooka Fire takes the form of a rapid fire burst.

This combination is exclusive to Madame X Episode 6.

Madame X Cubezord 1*2*3 Bazooka

DSZ-Zyuoh King Kirin Bazooka

Madame X Cubezord 1*2*3 Bazooka
Combined From:
Length: 15.0 m
Width: 26.0 m
Height: 45.5 m
Weight: 2,200 tons
Madame X Cubezord 1*2*3 Bazooka is Madame X Cubezord's default combination equipped with the Delza Bazooka. In this combination, the Delza Bazooka Madame Fire takes the form of a single supercharged shot.

Appearances: Madame X Episodes 7-8, 19


  • The overall design of this mecha takes ideas from two previous mechs. The first is Engine-O, from Engine Sentai Go-Onger, and High Octane Megazord, from RPM, in general design and the components placement. The second is Kyoryuzin, from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, and Dino Charge Megazord, from Dino Charge, being that it doesn't use all five mecha components from the core team.
  • Madame AnimalCubes are similar to the Origami from Shinkenger, and Samurai Megazord from Samurai, in having a standard form that transform into the mecha; while their container-like state and numbers are similar to the Goggle Containers used by Goggle Caesae in Goggle V to store the three mecha components for Goggle Robo.
  • Madame X Cubezord 1*5*4's move Tiger Knee shares its name with a move from Capcom's Street Fighter, utilized by the character Sagat.
  • Madame X Cubezord 1*5*4's Madame Megaton Kick attack is the same as the Rider Kick attacks of the Kamen Riders.
  • Madame AnimalCubes' downward slamming attacks is similar to a special move of Kirby, where he changes into a weight or some other heavy object before falling down on an enemy.

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