Icon-samuraiThis article is about a/an Enemy Grunts in Bikini Rangers Ninja Mask.

Ski Foot
Gender: Asexual
Villain Type: Footsoldiers
Season: Ninja Mask
Hometown: Benji, China
First Apperance: Prelude to a Mask
Last Full Apperance: End of the Ninja Mask Part 2
Number of Episode Appearances: 49 (Bikini Rangers Ninja Mask)

Macau Macaoz are the foot soldiers of Lord Manga of Kaiser. They can be summoned to a certain place by the Personal Chinese Opera Mask Manager. They use daggers to fight their enemies and are extremely hyperactive. The Kelzaks were either destroyed by the Ninja Mask Rangers, sent into the Abyss of Evil, or scattered somewhere in the universe.

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