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Icon-zeo.pngThis article is about a/an ally in Bikini Rangers Mystic Force.

Gender: Male
Ally Type: Companion
Season: Mystic Force
Hometown: Earth
First Apperance: Scaredy Cat
Last Full Apperance: Mystic Fate, Part 2
Status: N/A
Number of Episode Appearances: N/A(Bikini Rangers Mystic Force)

Jenji is a fictional character from the universe of the franchise Bikini Rangers, He is a powerful and quick-talking cat-like genie.


Jenji was banished from his homeland; cast away by the ones he loved the most. In his homeland, he was the strongest and most popular cat. However, this did not sit well with Rexigan, the King Cat. Rexigan had a witch cast a spell over the entire village, convincing everyone that Jenji was evil. Everyone then turned their backs on Jenji, and he was banished.

Bikini Rangers Mystic Force

When Nina Mercedez found Jenji, the cat was a wandering nomad and all alone. Jenji had found some treasure, and was about to open a Evil Magical Trap. Solaris Knight arrived and tried to stop him, but Jenji didn't listen and opened the box. The Evil Magic inside the trap was about to destroy Jenji, but Solaris used his powers to place Jenji in the Lamp, and in doing so, turned him into a genie.

Jenji is an old friend of Udonna's and the other Mystics. Jenji was Nina Mercedez's partner, who used Jenji's lamp as the key element in the sealing of himself and Calindor within the cave nineteen years ago.

But once the rangers found the lamp, they broke the seal.

Despite his power, Jenji is somewhat cowardly, and retreated from Imperious in his first appearance, but he managed to overcome his fear.

He has the power to grow to the same colossal size as Imperious, as well as turn into an energy form to be used as Nina Mercedez's finishing move, the Shining Jenji Attack. When he does fight in battle, his most powerful attack is the Super Cat Attack. However, Jenji can only remain outside the lamp for two hours, or else he'll turn to dust.

Despite his goof-off personality, Jenji is a capable fighter.

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