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Jazzi Mele
Gender: Female
Villain Type: General Secretary
Season: Madame X
Homeworld: Unknown
First Apperance: Madame X Unleashed
Last Full Apperance: Countdown to Destruction
Number of Episode Appearances: N/A (Bikini Rangers Madame X)

Jazzi Mele was the secretary of Master Zedd. Entrusted with the Continue Medals by Master Zedd, having infused them with his own cells, Jazzi Mele uses them to revive and enlarge the defeated villian by inserting them into their unique Medal Slot. While the Master Squad act independently in their plans to send Players and create entertainment for Zedd in the Monster Game, Jazzi Mele takes direct orders from him for critical assignments.

Presenting the Continue Medal before a fallen Monster Player. Once grown, the Monster Player usually replies "Thank you, Jazzi!" or "Thank you, Jazzi Mele!", but in one occasion, Buffalo Mantor replied "Gracias", Jazzi Mele, as "Gracias" means "thank you" in Spanish.

Character History

Jazzi Mele and rest the Master Squad awaken after their 3000-year slumber from Rome, Italy to attack humans and feed off of their desires.Madame X Unleashed

Jazzi Mele presented the sight of Earth, which would become the stage of the 100th Monster Game. On Master Zedd' order, Jazzi Mele provided a Continue to the Team Leader Steel Woodman when he was defeated by the Madame X Rangers.Steel Woodman's Revenge

Jazzi Mele questioned Master Zedd's sentiment that Earth was proving to be a suitable choice for the 100th Monster Game, citing the resistance of the Zyuohgers. The remaining Team Leaders, Rocky Punchman and Faulz Gaza, explained to her that the Monster Game needed the excitement of a challenging resistance in light of the easy destructions of their recent stages and prey.Taking Care of Business

When Master Zedd decided to try his hand in the Game, Jazzi was sent to introduce him and plant a device for the Madame X Rangers to find to disarm a shrinking barrier.Madame X Assembly

Jazzi Mele was eventually sent to locate five Madame X Rangers, using the Buffalo Mantor. Her efforts caught the attention of the Madame X Rangers. She scanned each person to check to see if they were Madame X Rangers or not, and once she was finished, she ordered the humans to be killed, but they were rescued by the Madame X Rangers. They freed the humans, and defeated her Player, but Jazzi Mele was Kidnapped Black GG Marmont; who were turn into a evil. The Pathfinder

After Black GG Marmont started fighting her control, Jazzi Mele arrived and took her to King Joker, who reenforced his control. Jazzi assisted Black GG Marmont in fighting the Madame X Rangers, and when she began fighting the evil programming, Jazzi arrived to try and convince her to finish the Madame X Rangers, but he defeated the programming and turned on both Jazzi and Black GG Marmont, who retreated at King Joker's command. The Marmont Saga

Jazzi Mele later appeared at Rocky Punchman's orders when he launched an assault on the the Madame X Rangers, Beast Hunterman and Poseidon Whalecube.Free WhaleCube She tagged Poseidon Whalecube with a tracker before it went berserk and they used it to locate Poseidon Whalecube's location when it fled. Rocky Punchman gave her a customized Massacre Machine Master Zedd for her to use to capture Poseidon Whalecube. She activated the giant robot and proceeded to pilot it, adding in a memory device before trying to obtain Poseidon Whalecube. The Madame X Rangers fought, trying to prevent her from capturing it, but the customizations made Gift more powerful and was able to damage their Mecha. After Poseidon Whalecube joined SuperRed Marciano, it was easily able to fight Master Zedd and moments before the robot was destroyed, Ginis ordered Jazzi Mele to take the memory device, which she retrieved and retreated back to Sagittari Ark, where she gave Rocky Puchman the memory device for them to use against the Madame X Rangers in the future.Free WhaleCube

Jazzi Mele did not share the same feelings and began to investigate Faulz Gaza's movements. She discovered he had replaced his hand with Beast Hunterman's hand, giving himself access to Beast Hunterman's mind reading and memory producing powers. She confronted Faulz, and the two dueled, but after Jazzi attacks him and escapes back to dirty sewer underground where she is rejoins her master, Faulz orders Jazzi him he should be grateful of their master's mercy. Target: Red Marciano

When Rocky Punchman Legacy returned to the sewer underground, she tried to stand between him and Faulz only to be knocked aside. When the Madame X Rangers where on the verge of destroying Rocky's Punchman's core, enlarging him and causing him to lose his senses and run wild, claiming that no one leaves the Game before taking her leave. After Rocky Punchman was destroyed for good, she approached Faulz, asking him if they should call the Game a draw since both team leaders were gone, only for him to say that he had a different idea. Unfinished Business

But Jazzi survived and later finds Master Ginis as the Madame X Rangers as Jennifer Lopez exposes her leader's secret before she intervenes, admitting to have overheard yet intent to protect her leader. But Jazzi finds herself fatally wounded from behind by Master Ginis, who tells his shocked aid that her compassion towards him is unacceptable. Countdown to Destruction


  • Jazzi Mele is completely loyal to Master Zedd, functioning more along the lines of a secretary than a general, and holds him in such high regard that she will not allow anyone to so much as insult him. However, Zedd entrusts Jazzi with vital assignments. Her style of speech is very formal, even when she is fighting. She also showed a great deal of concern for Zedd's well being, being greatly relieved to hear he survived the attempt on his life. She is also very perceptive, picking up on Vicki Chase's plotting.


  • Nunchacrusher: A Nunchaku that can be used to scan life forms and fire lasers.

Behind the scenes

  • Height: 192 cm (38.4 m: giant)
  • Weight: 164 kg (328.0 t: giant)


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