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Hurricane Nitro
Combined From: Hurricane Airship
Season: Venice Storm
Frist Apperance: General Deception, Part 2
Last Full Apperance: Storm Before the Calm, Part 1
Number of Episode Appearances: n/a
Length: 25.0 m
Width: 42.0 m
Height: 60.5 m
Weight: 3200 t
Speed: 800 km/h
Power: n/a

The Hurricane Nitro is a giant machine that focuses the powers of five golden new versions of the Venice Storm Rangers. It's armed with the Double Swords. It can execute the Double Swords Spin Attack, that consists the Megazord spins rapidly with the swords horizontally positioned to impact its opponent, and the Ultimate Laser Cannon, consisting quickly launch target-shooting.

The Hurricane Nitro possesses the ability to execute a much more powerful version of the Victory Charge called the Ultimate Charge wherein the petals on its chest open outward and launch the Ultra Zords at the opponent.

Hurricane Airship Edit

185px-TSG-Gosei Ultimate ship

The Hurricane Airship is able to transform into a giant robot armed with the twin Ultimate Swords. Hurricane Nitro's final attack is the Ultimate Strike, wherein the petals on its chest open outward and launch the Miracle Gosei Headders at the enemy.

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