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Have omg! Rangers, Will Travel
Bikini Rangers omg!, Episode 7x39
Air date June 16, 2014
Production Information
Written by Rosa Becerra
Directed by Randy Hall

Nikki Benz Unsure


A Calm Before the Storm

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Have omg! Rangers, Will Travel is the thirty-ninth episode of Bikini Rangers omg!. This is the second team-up between omg! and Wild Thunder.


Bonnie Rotten, Gabby Quinteros and Kambridge L. Donkey travels into the past and recruits ElectricVolt in his plan to conquer Earth before the formation. The omg! Rangers must follow him and teamup with the Wild Thunder Rangers in order to stop them before the closes and they're trapped in the past.


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Primary Character Cast


Minor Character Cast


  • This episode was aired early in Canada. It's first official TV appearance is inconveniently after the series has ended for at least two months.
  • Francesca Le does not appear unmorphed in this episode, due to the fact that She was retired from Wild Thunder Rangers Team. Morphed as the Hardcore FangTiger, she was voiced by herself.
  • The placement of this episode within the Wild Thunder timeline is sometime after "The Passion of Chanel Preston" due to the Triassic Battlizer being present, and before "House of Cards". Although, Lord Omega was never seen leading Red Lions at this point in the season. The whereabouts of Sherek-O is never addressed.
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