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Ninniger Masakage Tsugomori

GZA Rabi
Gender: Male
Villain Type: Unknown
Season: Acacdmic Dyansty
Hometown: Unknown
First Apperance: Ninja Sports Fall Festival!
Last Full Apperance: Way Back When
Status: Unknown
Number of Episode Appearances: N/A (Bikini Rangers Academic Dynasty)

GZA Rabi is the Chief retainer of the Kibaoni Army Corps.

Character History

GZA Rabi was among the three generals in the past that work under the leadership of General Kibaoni. After his death, what remains from him was an eye cover, which was saved.


GZA Rabi is loyal to his master's wish and would comply to his command to gather the fear energy. While he seems to be playful (such as teasing Monica Moon with nicknames like Hachiemon), this is just a cover for his inner darkness and he is wise enough to discover that Monica Moon is just a new member of the team since in the past, only three generals were present and threatens to kill him if he tries to plot something that is against his master's will. Like RZA Gabi, he disregards Monica Moon's suggestion to gather fear, instead focusing on destroying the Nippon Rangers.

Unlike RZA Gabi, he does not confront them directly, choosing to use deception and trickery. Most of his schemes involve weakening the team in some capacity before delivering a fatal blow, such as destroying their weapons or disabling or manipulating their OtomoNippons. However, despite his cunning and calculative methods, he fails in his schemes due to either the incompetence of his subordinates or underestimating the Ninningers' growing level of skill, strategy and power.


  • GZA Rabi's head design incorporates a incomplete Okina (old man) mask from Noh theatre, which also happens to be the oldest style of Noh mask.
  • While GZA Rabi did have his spell similar to RZA Gabi, but he added Giikishi Genji Genja in his spell, which was the one RZA Gabi used to evolve Hitokage into Jyukage. It is possible that his reason of doing this is to have a strong Youkai born from it.

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