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Fire Heart (episode)
Bikini Rangers Mystic Force, Episode 8x07
SAM 0078
Air date October 13, 2014
Production Information
Written by Jonathan Broughm
Directed by John Tellegen

Never Stop Searching


The Stranger Within

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Fire Heart is the seventh episode of Bikini Rangers Mystic Force.


Necrolai, aided by the Taxi Cab Monster, steals a map that will lead them to the magical Fire Heart. The Rangers discover this and travel through the dangerous Cimmerian Forest to find it. Later, the Rangers defeat the Taxi Cab Monster, but in the ensuing battle against Necrolai, Spencer Scott tears the map. Will the Rangers ever be able to find the Fire Heart with only half of the map in their possession?


A man is walking through Briarwood and talking on his cell phone. Man: Yes Professor, I have the map. And it's more fascinating than we ever dream. I'm on my way. The man hails a taxi and gets in. The man tells the driver: Metropolitan Museum and hurry. The cab driver turns around, and his face is a scary. The man screams and tumbles out of the taxi, leaving the map on the seat of the taxi.

Meanwhile, in the pit, Morticon is furious to only have one half of the map of the Fire Heart. Necrolai tells Morticon not to worry. Necrolai has a new plan, she plans on attacking the Rangers from within.

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