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Fighting Spirit
Bikini Rangers Wild Thunder, Episode 6x42
Air date April 8, 2013
Production Information
Written by Rosa Beccera
Directed by Lisa Martinez

Disappearing Act


The Passion of Chanel Preston

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Fighting Spirit is the forty-second episode of Bikini Rangers Wild Thunder. This is the concluding episode of the two-episode arc which introduced Skin DenDenGiraffe (Skin Diamond) as well as Francesca Le's past and present adult flim movies.


Francesca Le falls into a coma, while trying to return visible and must face her 's past and present adult flim movies in a battle for her life. Meanwhile, the other Rangers must fight a new and improved White Terrorsaurus without their powers.


Francesca Le reveals to the other Rangers that Sofia Vergara has found a way to make her visible again, using her BlasterHardcore Morpher. Sofia Vergara reiterates that she's against it, as the risk is too high. Meanwhile, Tara Lynn Foxx uncovers a powerful crystal in the caves. Francesca Le undergoes the experiment and is returned to normal, but put in a coma in the process. Tara Lynn Foxx presents the crystal to Lord Omega. It has the same properties as the Dino Gems.

The Predator Rangers clone presents they new White Terrorsaurus, which uses the crystal as a power source. Sofia Vergara and the other Rangers bring Francesca Le to the hospital for medical treatment. A breaking news reports shows that the Skin DenDenGiraffe is attacking Reefside. The Rangers run off to stop it. Meanwhile inside Francesca Le's head, she remembers she in the past and present adult flim movies incudes hardcore and mostly strap-on sex scenes.

Monica May and adult flim actor challenges Francesca Le to a fight for her life. Meanwhile, Ava Devine and Daisy Marie shows up to help against the Skin DenDenGiraffe and White Terrorsaurus. The White Terrorsaurus strips the Rangers of their powers.

The other Rangers gain the courage through Francesca Le to take on White Terrorsaurus without their powers. After defeating her past selves, the five Rangers come together and congratulate Francesca Le for her courage and returns to her BlasterHardcore Morpher. The other Rangers are glad to see Francesca Le alive and well. The legendary Francesca Le is back in action.

Francesca Le morphs into the Hardcore FangTiger to take on the Skin DenDenGiraffe and White Terrorsaurus. The Hardcore FangTiger uses the Noble Tiger Stick to defeat the monster. As the Terrorsaurus explodes, the Rangers powers are released and restored. With the White Terrorsaurus now giant, the WildPegasusNitro powers up and destroys White Terrorsaurus once and for all. Francesca Le thanks the other Rangers for all their support.

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