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Faulz Gaza
Gender: Male
Villain Type: General
Season: Madame X
Homeworld: Gazaian's planet
First Apperance: Madame X Unleashed
Last Full Apperance: Unfinished Business
Number of Episode Appearances: N/A (Bikini Rangers Madame X)

Faulz Gaza is the Master Squad Team Leader who loves to inflict mental pain on others.

Character History

Early Life

Faulz Gaza and rest the Master Squad awaken after their 3000-year slumber from Rome, Italy to attack humans and feed off of their desires.Madame X Unleashed

Master Squad

Faulz Gaza was playing a board game with fellow Team Leaders Steel Woodman and Rocky Puchman. He was offended when Steel Woodman promptly discarded the game in response but was consoled by Azald to forget that dull game and look forward to the heart-pounding activity that awaited. Faulz Gaza watched Rocky Puchman commence the Monster Game on Earth with the other Master Squad, and was shocked to see him be defeated by Earth's warriors: the Madame X Rangers.Steel Woodman's Revenge

Concuring with Master Zedd and Rocky Puchman's sentiment that this newfound resistance provided an excitement to the Monster Game, Faulz Gaza noted their recent stages to have lacked in challenge having been so easily destroyed along with the prey they contained. Faulz Gaza would pitted against Rocky Puchman in a competition to execute the Monster Game on Earth by Master Zedd, who promised a reward for the one who amused him the most.Taking Care of Business

Following The World's defection, both Rocky Punchman and Faulz Gaza were sent by King Joker to retrieve him. Arriving on Earth, the Team Leaders sent forth the Spadex in a violent onslaught against the first humans in their path, a group of construction workers, the Team Leaders took them hostage in order to bring out Black GG Marmont, with Faulz Gaza ordering Jennifer Lopez via a confiscated Madame Cellphone Changer to return Black GG Marmont in exchange for her friends only for Jennifer Lopez to come alone before engaging them with the Madame X Rangers alone. Defeating Jennifer Lopez, it was at this point that the Team Leaders were met by Cardi B, who decided to join the fight against the Master Squad as Black GG Marmont, joining Red Marciano in battle against them. Beaten back by the two human Madame X Rangers, the Team Leaders were forced to retreat with Faulz Gaza using his immortal comrade as a shield in the face of Black GG Marmont's World The Crash finisher before taking their leave.The Marmont Saga

While Beast Hunterman was luring the Jennifer Lopez to lure the other Madmae X Rangers out with Poseidon Whalecube, Faulz Gaza was waiting above the terrain in Beast Hunterman's ship to blast the Madame X after they hand over Poseidon Whalecube. After Beast Hunterman is injured by the Madame X Rangers, he asks for Faulz Gaza's help. Faulz Gaza cuts off Beast Hunterman's right hand and takes it with him, leaving behind a Continue Medal for him to use.Last Beast Standing

Faulz Gaza now with Beast Hunterman's hand

Faulz Gaza replaced his hand with Beast Hunterman's hand and gain ability to read and extract memories from people. Faulz Gaza began experimenting with it, testing the limits of his new powers. The Princess of Fall Harvest

Completely unhinged as result of his plan falling apart, a fearful Faulz Gaza assumed the only way to keep Jazzi Mele from killing him is by personally killing everyone on Earth. He caused much structural damage until the Madame X Rangers confronted him, but he tells them he would throw everything away to stay alive since he is now at mercy. The Madame X Rangers summon their mecha and Faulz Gaza overpowered them until Cardi B arrived with her mecha. The team fights him and they combine their mecha to Madame X Superzord and Faulz Gaza is destroyed, screaming his master's name.Unfinished Business


A cunning and crafty individual, Faulz Gaza prefers to use slightly complicated plans to mentally traumatize his prey as opposed to his fellow team leader. Though he appeared loyal to Master Zedd, he actually despised him for destroying his home planet and has been plotting his downfall ever since. In truth, he has no loyalty to anyone but himself, working with others only when they are useful to his plans.


  • Height: 205 cm(41.0 m:Giant)
  • Weight: 194 kg(388.0 t:Giant)
  • Medal Slot: Left Shoulder

Powers and Abilities


  • Faulz Gaza has great skills in fencing.
  • Faulz Gaza's Half Mechanical Body can make him survive in any kind of planet.


  • Phase Ticker: His weapon that have two uses. Cho Hand Gun mode which can shoot bullets, charge beam shot or a flash that making his opponent unconscious. Electrical Rapier mode use in close range battle.


  • His design bears a strong resemblance with Study Brain from Liveman and Study Monster from Battle Fever J.
  • Faulz Gaza has to take five continue medals in order to grow into a giant.
    • His coins were the only ones Naria didn't kiss, due to her being disgusted by his betrayal.
    • And when he grows, instead of thanking Jazzi Mele, he thanks Zedd.
  • His backstory as a mechanical character who secretly held grudge to the main villain is similar to Frax from Power Rangers Time Force. However, unlike Frax, we never see hints of his grudge until later.
    • His hatred for Master Zedd for destroying his planet is similar to Heckyl's hatred for Lord Arcanon for destroying Sentai 6, except that Faulz Gaza is far less redeemable and more selfish.

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