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Curise Sailorman
Gender: Male
Villain Type: General
Season: Madame X
Homeworld: Unknown
First Apperance: Beast Hunterman and the Beauty
Last Full Apperance: Beast Hunterman and the Beauty
Number of Episode Appearances: 1 (Bikini Rangers Madame X)
Height: 197 cm
Giant Height: 93.4 m
Weight: 168 kg
Giant Weight: 336.0 tons

Curise Sailorman is one of the Players. His Blood Game was to cause as much destruction as possible while simulating warfare between battleships.

Character History

Beast Hunterman


Curise Sailorman spoke in a formal tone, respectfully addressing both ally and opponent alike. Though harboring immense destructive power, Curise Sailorman was unwilling to face the retaliation for such attacks, making him somewhat of a coward as he would try to run away from intimidating opponents such as Beast Hunterman and Madame X Megazord.


  • Master Game: Locking on to various targets and firing a hail of rounds via the Uchima Cluster, resulting in mass chaos and destruction
  • Genre: Warship simulation


  • Uchima Cluster: A gun turret located on Curise Sailorman's right shoulder which can fire a hail of bullets or smoke bombs.

Powers and Abilities

  • Laser Shoulder: A Hidden discharge port located in Curise Sailorman's left shoulder which allows him to fire a laser bolt.
  • Combo: Aiming Complete & Boom!: A combo move which Curise Sailorman Locks On to a target & fires a barrage of rounds via the Uchima Cluster

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