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Copy That
Bikini Rangers Wild Thunder, Episode 6x34
Air date February 25, 2013
Production Information
Written by Mara Brock Akil
Directed by Henry Chan

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Triassic Triumph

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Copy That is the thirty-fourth episode of Bikini Rangers Wild Thunder. This episode marks the introduction of the Giraffe Mode.


Phoenix Marie, desiring to atone for her loss to the Predator Rangers and win back Nina Hartley's approval, creates Copyotter, who uses his special ability to copy the Rangers' weapons and use it against them. He creates a duplicate of the PumaLuna Sword, which Phoenix Marie use to frame Ava Devine and Daisy Marie in trashing Nina Hartney's lab. Finally in control they helps the other rangers defeat Copyotter and re-earns their trust. By the end of the day, Phoenix Marie creates an evil Predator Rangers clone.


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