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Special Venice Rangers
Bikini Rangers Venice Storm
Led by: Meital Dohan
Battled: Lord Negaverse, Wendy Williams, Christina Hendricks, UMG (Ution Mechaza Gympo), Bonehead, Spike, Medusa
Coexisted with: Venice Storm Rangers
Rangers battled: Venice Storm Rangers
Chronological/Production Order

The Special Venice Rangers is they battle the dark forces of the Netherworld and a mysterious warrior who is bent on destruction.


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Special Venice Rangers

Designation Adult Flim Actress and Actress
Special VeniceOne Meital Dohan
Special VeniceTwo Asa Akira
Special VeniceThree Audrey Bitoni
Special VeniceFour Pamela Anderson
Special VeniceFive Zoe Britton

Members (Special Venice Rangers)

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