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Atomic Blitz Rangers
Bikini Rangers Atomic Blitz
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Led by: Karma Rx
Mentor: Commander Madakko
and later by: Nicolette Shea
Base of Operations: Atomic Branch Center
Location: Toronto, Canada
Coexisted with:
Rangers battled: Colonel Yaboon,
Reagan Foxx, Gina de la Goche,
Major Destra,
Chronological/Production Order
Space Blitz
Madame X

The Atomic Blitz Rangers are 12th Bikini Rangers team. They are a group of treasure hunting fighting to reclaim the valued treasures of the Treasure Collection from the Interdimensional Crime Group Zwick Gangster so as to fulfill their wish of saving their loved ones.

Team History

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Atomic Blitz Rangers

Designation Actress and Model
Ferrari Red Karma Rx
Laguna Blue Jessa Rhodes
Honey Yellow Sheena Ryder
Spade Cupp Katrina Jade
Kombat Army Ariella Ferrera
Pin-Up Lovia Tana Lea
DeMasked Doll X
Richelle Ryan


Transformation Devices


Individual Weapons and Team Weapon

Other Devices


Atomic Zord System

Legend:◆ piloted mecha, ❖ auxiliary mecha


Alternate Combinations

Rangers Keys

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Members (Atomic Blitz Rangers)

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