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Titano Yahshua (1)
Gender: Male
Seasons: Dino Fusion
Colors: Silver
Hometown: Earth
First Apperance: Path of the Titanozord, Part 1
Last Full Apperance: The Final Countdown, Part 2
Number of Episode Appearances: N/A (Bikini Rangers Dino Fusion)
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Bird-Man is Keeper Brazil's apprentice, and the first Titano Yahshua, Silver Ranger.

Character History

Long ago, Bird-Man was the apprentice of Keeper Brazil. He came to Earth after the lost Fusion Energems and created the Dino Fusion Zords for their protection but was able to find only the Silver Fusion Energem. When The Priest was trying to obtain the Dark Fusion Energem by eliminating Sentai 6, Birdman tried to stop him and in the process bonded with the Silver Fusion Energem and became the first Titano Yahshua. But he wasn't able to defeat The Priest and was captured. To gain the Silver Energem, The Priest used the Dark Fusion Energem on him and created his evil and dark other half, Doomsday Bird, who became one of his generals and sealed the Silver Fusion Energem inside his sword, so that only he and the villains could access its power.

Contact with the Rangers

A morphed Titano Yahshua contacts the Rangers from space and tells them about the deactivated Titanozord. But before he can tell its location, Singe blasts the message pod. Even without the information, the Rangers are able to find and activate it before it's destroyed by the villains and make it a part of their Zords.

Arrival on Earth

He actually arrives on Earth within the body of Doomsday Bird along with The Priest and Singe. The newcomer boss overpowers Eva Karera but Snide takes over and enlarges his new monster, Fortress, whom he starts driving.

Titano Yahshua




Special Attack

Ranger Keys

  • to be added


  • Titano Yahshua is named after American pornographic actor and director Prince Yahshua.
  • He is the first non-female Bikini Ranger whose demorphed form looks the same as his Sentai Counterpart, due to them reusing his Sentai Counterpart's suit and not having to be played by an actor.
    • As such, he is the first Ranger to regularly appear unmorphed in Sentai footage outside of goofs in various episodes.
  • He is the only extra ranger to be identified by the same color name as his Sentai Counterpart, while the other three are identified as "Cyan, Gray, and Violet" in the Sentai, but as "Aqua, Graphite, and Purple" in America.

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