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Number 7
Number of episodes: 42
First episode: Origins, Part 1
Last episode: Endings, Part 2
Elements from: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive and
GoGo Sentai Boukenger
Original airing: September 9, 2013 - June 23, 2014
Producer: Bikini Rangers Studios,LLC,
(FremantleMedia North America)
Production Order
Wild Thunder
Mystic Force

Bikini Rangers omg! (initialism of "officially morphin' gear") is the seventh Bikini Rangers parody season of television drama series. It aired September 9, 2013 - June 23, 2014. On June 2nd, LineOne announced seven remaining episodes starting 1 hour each episode on mondays (June 9 - 16) and 90 minute season finale episode (June 23). It is the first vehicle-themed, but will contain elements from Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, GoGo Sentai Boukenger meets Sucker Punch adaptation.

Also the first of the series to air entirely in the Transformation period series.

Production History

The logo is very similar to that of its Sentai source series Boukenger in the basic design and format.

After two years on the series, Julie Plec and Tracy Verna Soiseth departed as the producers of BR, paving the way forward for Koichi Sakamoto, Ana Martinez and Scott Page-Pagter (Power Rangers) to take over, with Daniel Belgrave and Thom Beers staying on as a producers. Joining Sakamoto were several of his colleagues from Hollywood and Toyko.


The omg! Rangers tells the story of main five adult flim stars/model being part of an otaku club and living in the new "Sentai Forest". They have to fight a mysterious malevolent entity that swore to conquer Earth with cool gadgets created by Danielle Staub. But when the evil aliens begin their massive invasion, Danielle Staub calls upon five adult flim stars/model with attitude to form the ultimate team...The Bikini Rangers omg!

When the models morph into Bikini Rangers, they gain superhuman strength, agility, and mastery over martial arts. In addition to defending earth against the aliens, other monstrous factions emerge to challenge the omg! Rangers. Under the leadership of a malevolent alien, toxic beasts rise from their slimy underground lair to attack the Earth and a ruthless frog army launches an offensive from their deep sea compound. In order to face these new threats, the Bikini Rangers omg! unlock powerful battle modes to fight their adversaries. The omg! Rangers' secret base/hideout is a "omg! Mansion".


The Eight omg! Rangers

Celebrity Actress Characters

The omg! Rangers

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Designation Adult Flim Actress and Model
Amber Red 1 Ryan Keely
Sweetpea Green 2 Kayla Paige
Blondie Blue 3 Karrine Steffans
Rocket Yellow 4 Adrianna Luna
Babydoll Pink 5 Missy Martinez
Ms. Scarlett Lust Jewell Marceau

Madame Vera X Nikki Benz
Super Priest G Puma Swede

Spiritomg! Rangers


The Spritomg! Rangers

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Designation Adult Flim Actress and Model
Super Dior Q Sophie Dee
Blue Jones S Maserati
High Roller B Anastasia Pierce

Celebrity Actor & Actress Characters/Allies

Staub Mansion

Camp Klump Training

Other Celebrity Actor & Actress Characters/Allies

Guest Allies


Guest Villains


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Transformation Devices

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon




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omg! MegaZord System

Legend:◆ piloted mecha

PlanetMegazord System

Legend:◆ piloted mecha, ❖ aux zord


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The seventh season consisted that aired between September 9, 2013-June 23, 2014

Series Episodes Title Original air date Production Code
309 1 Origins, Part 1 9/9/13 701
310 2 Origins, Part 2 9/9/13 702
311 3 MegaZord Mission 9/16/13 703
312 4 She Blasted Me With Science 9/23/13 704
313 5 Stranger Danger, Part 1 9/30/13 705
314 6 Stranger Danger, Part 2 9/30/13 706
315 7 Last Laugh 10/7/13 707
316 8 The Vera Quest, Part 1 10/14/13 708
317 9 The Vera Quest, Part 2 10/14/13 709
318 10 Staying on Track 10/21/13 710
319 11 Clash for Control, Part 1 10/28/13 711
320 12 Clash for Control, Part 2 10/28/13 712
321 13 Maserati's Revenge 11/4/13 713
322 14 Recognition 11/11/13 714
323 15 Western Samurai 11/18/13 715
324 16 News Dismissed 12/2/13 716
325 17 The Messenger, Part 1 12/9/13 717
326 18 The Messenger, Part 2 12/9/13 718
327 19 Valentine Madness! 2/10/14 719
328 20 Raising Spirits 2/17/14 720
329 21 Pinky Dinky 2/24/14 721
330 22 United We Stand 3/3/14 722
331 23 Fight Against Fate, Part 1 3/10/14 723
332 24 Fight Against Fate, Part 2 3/10/14 724
333 25 Ultra Power, Part 1 3/24/14 725
334 26 Ultra Power, Part 2 3/24/14 726
335 27 High Roller Ultimate 3/31/14 727
336 28 Full Exposure 4/7/14 728
337 29 Clash of the Megazords, Part 1 4/14/14 729
338 30 Clash of the Megazords, Part 2 4/14/14 730
339 31 What Are We Looking For? 4/21/14 731
340 32 The Robot Ranger 4/28/14 732
341 33 Insomnia Recognition 5/5/14 733
342 34 Dogalooza 5/12/14 734
343 35 Pumastrophe 5/19/14 735
344 36 Missing 6/9/14 736
345 37 The Wild Thunder Cometh 6/9/14 737
346 38 Nikki Benz Unsure 6/16/14 738
347 39 Have omg! Rangers, Will Travel 6/16/14 739
348 40 A Calm Before the Storm 6/23/14 740
349 41 Endings, Part 1 6/23/14 741
350 42 Endings, Part 2 6/23/14 742


Opening theme

Ending theme

References to Power Rangers

The omg! Rangers contains several references to Power Rangers - some obvious, some not overtly stated, and some possibly not intentional. Usually these references refer to 'firsts' in Bikini Rangers history of plot devices already in place in Power Rangers.

  • The mecha are called MegaZords. This is for both the heroes and villains. The difference is that the humanoid forms of some individual mecha are also called MegaZords, unlike in Power Rangers where the name refers to a "giant robo", usually a combiner. 'Zord' is used as a suffix for Metaloids' MegaZords, such as Shovelloid's ShovelZord.
  • The omg! Morphin Brace announces "It's Morphin' Time!" when activated, which was used throughout Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Zeo, the first two Power Rangers adaptations of Super Sentai shows.
  • The main villain Sherek-O is very similar to R.P.M.'s Venjix as they were both computer viruses, not to mention very impatient and angry.
  • Sherek-O is a floating head from a different dimension, just like Zordon.
  • The omg! Rangers have Super Powers they can access to fight better. This is very similar to the heroes of Dino Thunder, S.P.D., or Operation Overdrive.
    • Unlike the Power Ranger series' powers, however, this series has given the Super Powers Weakpoints, which balance out the overall effectiveness of the omg! Rangers. Also, the omg! Rangers can use their "Civilian Powers" while transformed.
  • Similar to some Power Ranger seasons, the main monster making method involves using random items.


  • It is the first back season in Production is set in United States but will have a mixed American/Canadian.
  • This is first of the series to air entirely in the Transformation period series.
  • This is the second season to the shortest series in the franchise to date, and ends with 42 episodes total of 350 episodes and series each season. (First was Bikini Rangers Venice Storm)
  • This based adaptation from Sucker Punch is 2011 American fantasy action film directed by Zack Snyder and co-written by him and Steve Shibuya. It is Snyder's first film based on an original script. The film stars Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, and Carla Gugino. The storyline follows the fantasies of a young woman who is committed to a mental institution, as she makes a plan to escape the hospital before suffering a lobotomy. The film was released in both conventional and IMAX theatres in the United States at midnight on March 25, 2011. It received generally negative reviews from critics, but was a moderate box office success.
  • Koichi Sakamoto, Ana Martinez and Scott Page-Pagter (Power Rangers) has been named new Executive Producers of Bikini Rangers.
  • Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (K/O Paper Products) has been named new Co-Executive Producers of Bikini Rangers.
  • This is first season Bikini Rangers series not to feature Nitro name.
  • It is the first season since Ninja Mask to have a Pink Ranger.
  • It is the first season where the name is an acronym, and the first since RPM to have only three letters in its name.
  • This is the first series to have a Black Ranger as a protagonist.
  • It is the first series to have an episode take place in Japan, the country from which the Bikini Rangers' source material, Super Sentai, originated.
  • It is the first series in which one Ranger morphs using their teammate's powers. There have, however, been previous instances of powers being passed from one Ranger to another.
  • omg! is the first Bikini Rangers series to have a Penthouse Pets as active Rangers (Expect for Karrine Steffans and Jewell Marceau).
  • This is the third Bikini Rangers series to have warriors based off Auxiliary Mecha (first was Bikini Rangers Jungle Fury, then Bikini Rangers RPM).
    • This was subtly referenced by having three of the Auxiliary Rangers being called "Spiritomg! Rangers".
  • On June 2nd, LineOne announced seven remaining episodes starting 1 hour each episode on mondays (June 9-16) and 90 minute season finale episode (June 23).
  • Episode 42, "Endings, Part II", marks the 350th Episode milestone for the Bikini Rangers franchise.
    • After the final scene in Part II, there is a promo clip for Bikini Rangers Mystic Force, with a song that was originally intended to be the series theme song, but was changed due to rights issues when the Bikini Rangers franchise.
  • This season aired concurrent with the Bikini Rangers Series, which would be following year as Bikini Rangers Mystic Force.

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