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Venice Storm
Number 5
Number of episodes: 48
First episode: The Team Unites
Last episode: Storm Before the Calm Part II
Elements from: Tensou Sentai Goseiger and Power Rangers Megaforce
Original airing: September 6, 2011 - June 19, 2012
Producer: Bikini Rangers Productions, LLC.
FremantleMedia North America
Production Order
Ninja Mask
Wild Thunder

Bikini Rangers Venice Storm (often abbreviated as BRVS) is the parody season of television drama series. It is the fifth installment of the popular Bikini Rangers series of tokusatsu shows and the first of the series to air entirely in the Post-Azoong/Indigo series, and with it came the show's introduction to television high-definition broadcasting. It is also the 5th Anniversary series of the Bikini Rangers series, but will contain some elements from Tensou Sentai Goseiger and Power Rangers Megaforce. It aired in September 6, 2011 - June 19, 2012. 

With FremantleMedia buying the franchise, the show will be produced by Bikini Rangers Productions.


A reality star (Heidi Montag), a adult film model (Angelina Valentine,Rebeca Linares,London Keyes) and a Model (Tristan Kingsley), are model students of the Venice Academy, under the tutelage of Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo and Ron Jermey. Although it seems as if they will never be good enough to be full-fledged superheroline, they are the only five left when the evil Lord Negaverse, arrives on Earth and captures all the other model students. Their she, who was kidnapped by Negaverse, decided that they would become Venice Storm Rangers and gave them Venice Storm Morphers to allow them to transform. As the Venice Storm Rangers, they fought to save the world from Lord Negaverse and her space minions, using nitros created by Nicole Oring for emergencies. Over time, they were joined by the Twilight Thunder Rangers, Gina Lynn and Mariah Milano, Tyler Faith as well, who gained knight powers in a trip to the past. A new generation of Bikini Rangers must master the mystical and ancient "Venice Solar Symbols of Power", which give them control over the elements of: Sky, Ocean, Nature, Land and Thunder. Under the guidance of their all-knowing mentor and the aid of their devoted animal Nitros, they battle the dark forces of the Netherworld and a mysterious warrior who is bent on destruction.


The Venice Storm Rangers

07-07-2012 10;33;02AM

8 Venice Storm Rangers

Main article: Venice Storm Rangers

Designation Adult Flim Actress and Reality star
Red Mars Heidi Montag
Yellow Venus Angelina Valentine
Blue Mercury Rebeca Linares
Black Saturn London Keyes
Green Jupiter Tristan Kingsley
Violet Uranus Gina Lynn
Denim Neptune Mariah Milano

Fetish Earth Tyler Faith

Megatorn Rangers


The Megatron Rangers

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Designation Adult Flim Actress and Reality star
The X Ranger Iliana Fischer
Flash Ranger Jayde Nicole
Tiger Ranger Sunny Leone
Woulf Ranger Kristin Cavallari
Ice Ranger Audrina Patridge

Special Venice Rangers


Special Venice Rangers

Main article: Special Venice Rangers

Designation Adult Flim Actress and Actress
Special VeniceOne Meital Dohan
Special VeniceTwo Asa Akira
Special VeniceThree Audrey Bitoni
Special VeniceFour Pamela Anderson
Special VeniceFive Zoe Britton

Other Heroines



Designation Adult Flim Actress and Model
XX20 Tasha Reign

Other Celebrity Actor & Actress Characters/Allies

Guest Allies

Veteran Bikini Rangers Team

Designation Celebrity Star Generation
Georgina Yellow

Michelle Trachtenberg

Bikini Rangers Ninja Mask
Turbo Blue

Lexi Martinez

Bikini Rangers RPM
Black Cat

Bianca Beauchamp

Bikini Rangers Jungle Fury


Bikini Rangers: The Original Series


Supporting Celebrity Actor & Actress Characters

Venice Planet Masters


Main article: Arsenal Venice Storm Rangers

Transformation Devices

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon



Main article: Zords Venice Storm Rangers

Venice Machine System

Legend:◆ piloted nitro, ❖ aux zord, ✶ team-piloted mecha, ★ battlezord


Main article: Episodes (Venice Storm)

The fifth season consisted that aired between September 6, 2011-June 19,2012.

Series Episodes Title Original air date Production
206 1 The Team Unites 9/6/11 501
207 2 Test of the Leader 9/6/11 502
208 3 Fish Out of Water 9/13/11 503
209 4 Looming Thunder 9/20/11 504
210 5 Twilight Thunder Rangers Part I 9/27/11 505
211 6 Twilight Thunder Rangers Part II 9/27/11 506
212 7 Twilight Thunder Rangers Part III 9/27/11 507
213 8 Sticks and Stones 10/4/11 508
214 9 Day Off 10/11/11 509
215 10 There Go the Brides 10/18/11 510
216 11 Twilight Thunder Rangers Returns Part I 10/25/11 511
217 12 Twilight Thunder Rangers Returns Part II 10/25/11 512
218 13 Twilight Thunder Rangers Returns Part III 10/31/11 513
219 14 Twilight Thunder Rangers Returns Part IV 10/31/11 514
220 15 Punch-a-Bozo! 11/2/11 515
221 16 Heidi's Challenge 11/16/11 516
222 17 Forest for the Trees 11/23/11 517
223 18 I've Got a Spell on Black 11/30/11 518
224 19 Deal with Joker 12/7/11 519
225 20 I'm Desperate to Get Rich Off My Kid 12/14/11 520
226 21 Unexpected Arrival Part I 12/21/11 521
227 22 Unexpected Arrival Part II 12/21/11 522
228 23 Unexpected Arrival Part III 12/21/11 523
229 24 A Christmas Season to Remember 12/25/11 524
230 25 Room for One More 2/7/12 525
231 26 Valentine Party Monsters 2/14/12 526
232 27 The Blue and the Fetish 2/21/12 527
233 28 Epic on the Move Part I 2/28/12 528
234 29 Epic on the Move Part II 2/29/12 529
235 30 Team Sprit 3/6/12 530
236 31 Showdown Between Geniuses 3/13/12 531
237 32 Irish Tengen Gate 3/17/12, 3/20/12 532
238 33 Broken Dreams 3/27/12 533
239 34 Switcharoo! 4/3/12 534
240 35 Against the Odds (I) 4/10/12 535
241 36 Scandal Chaos (II) 4/10/12 536
242 37 The Ultimate Duel (III) 4/10/12 537
243 38 The Power of the Burst Mode 5/1/12 538
244 39 Clash of the Ninja Mask Part I 5/8/12 539
245 40 Clash of the Ninja Mask Part II 5/8/12 540
246 41 General Deception Part I 5/15/12 541
247 42 General Deception Part II 5/15/12 542
248 43 Eye of The Storm 5/22/12 543
249 44 Exploding Bonds of Friendship! 5/29/12 544
250 45 Justice Leauge Rangers 6/5/12 545
251 46 Down and Dirty 6/12/12 546
252 47 Storm Before the Calm Part I 6/19/12 547
253 48 Storm Before the Calm Part II 6/19/12 548


Opening theme

Ending theme


Br5AnnLogo - Copy2

This Bikini Rangers series celebrated the franchise's 5th Anniversary in 2011.

  • It is the first season in Production is set in New Zealand/Australia but will have a mixed American/Canadian/New Zealander/Australian, while it will be set for broadcast in High-definition.
  • It will also be the first series, part of the newly-improved FremantleMedia banner RTL, to feature an some annual change in costume and cast.
  • This is the second series to LGBT-related television programs. (It's was Ninja Mask.)
  • This is the second season to use Strap-on dildo as weapons. (It's was Ninja Mask)
  • This is the first team to be assembled from three (3) different factions of rangers,rather than one group from the same power source.
    • If one doesn't count, Mariah Milano as a Blue Ranger, this is the first season in which the additional animal is given to a non-Blue Ranger,will appear later in the series.
  • It is the first season to have exactly four (4) morphing calls, no more less.
  • This is the first series to actually have the rangers attend high school.
  • This is the first season Bikini Rangers series not to feature a Pink Ranger.
  • This is the first season Bikini Rangers series not to feature a African American Female Ranger.
  • This is the first season to the shortest series in the franchise to date, and ends with 48 episodes total of 253 episodes and series each season.
  • There is a special Behind the Scenes Fifth Anniversary Special on LineOne.
  • This is the Four (4) Retro Rangers seasons Fifth Anniversary Team-Up Special to have the original colors with their respective genders.
  • This also based some adaptation from Tensou Sentai Goseiger and Power Rangers Megaforce.
  • Episode 45, "Justice Leauge Rangers", marks the 250th Episode milestone for the Bikini Rangers franchise.
  • This is the fourth series with a Green and Black ranger at the same time (first one being Bikini Rangers: The Original Series, then Bikini Rangers RPM and Bikini Rangers Ninja Mask).
  • Bikini Rangers Venice Storm is only as the shortest running Anniversary series, with only 48 episodes.
  • This season aired concurrent with the Bikini Rangers Series, which would be following year as Bikini Rangers Wild Thunder.

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