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Mystic Force
Number 8
Number of episodes: 50
First episode: From Out of Nowhere (Part One)
Last episode: Mystic Fate

(Part Two)

Adapted from: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 2) and Gosei Sentai Dairanger
Original airing: September 8, 2014 - June 22, 2015
Producer: Bikini Rangers Studios,LLC,
(FremantleMedia North America)
Production Order
Academic Dynasty

Bikini Rangers Mystic Force (often abbreviated as BRMF) is the eighth Bikini Rangers parody television series. Based on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 2) and Gosei Sentai Dairanger adaptation, but will contain some elements from Power Rangers Zeo and Chouriki Sentai Ohranger. It aired September 8, 2014 - June 22, 2015. 

This was the second installment of the Bikini Rangers Series to be produced in the Transformation period series.

On May 30, LineOne announced Seven remaining episodes starting 90 minute each episode on mondays (June 15) and 2 hour season finale episode (June 22).


The early working title for the series was "Bikini Rangers KungFu Clan", but was later changed to "Mystic Force" was trademarked by Bikini Rangers Studios,LLC. (FremantleMedia North America) in 2014 prior to the run of Bikini Rangers omg!


A short time ago, there was a dimension filled with wonderful magic. But then darkness came into power and a great battle began...An army of the Undead led by a powerful warrior - Morticon swarmed over the land setting their signs on the human realm and beyond. All seemed hopeless when a small legion of brave and true wizards came forth against insurmountable odds. They drove the evil back from the edge of the human world. And then the greatest wizard of them all - Leanbow cast a spell that sent the armies into the Underworld. He sealed darkness inside giant gates for eternity. The evil disappeared from the surface world. But with great victory comes great loss. The human world never knew of the great battle or the sacrifices that were made to save them from destruction.

Over 8,000 years ago, the Daos civilization flourished in Southern China. The Daos Empire consisted in three tribes: Dai, Shura (ancestors of today's humanity) and Gorma who lived harmonously. However, one day the Gorma Tribe tried to take over the Empire. Thus began the war between the Gorma and the Dai Tribe. The battle continued for 5,000 years, led by the Gorma Triumvirate. The Thunderzord appeared to oppose the Gorma, whose magical powers had increased to the point where they could turn themselves into monsters. Five Adult Star and models' mystical powers had increased to the point where they could control the Thunderzord Beasts. The war ended with the disappearance of both the Mystic and Gorma Tribes. In 2014, the Gorma Tribe, one of the Daos' two missing branches, revived to take over the world. To counter them, Dana Vespoli assembled a team of five Adult Star and models with high levels of clan. They became the Mystic Force Rangers of present time.

Celebrity Actress Characters

Mystic Force Rangers

Bikini rangers mystic force cas

The Mystic Force Rangers

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Designation Adult Flim Actress and Model
Vespoli Redranger Kendra Lust
Montana Greenranger Ava Addams
Electra Blueranger Rachel Starr
Devine Yellowranger Kortney Kane
Reign Pinkranger Spencer Scott
Shay Sinnsager Nina Mercedez
Knight Warrior Dana Vespoli
Wifey Femmeranger
Tanya Tate


Supporting Characters


DarKnight Rider

Designation Adult Flim Actress and Model
DarKnight Rider Jessica Jaymes


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Transformation Devices

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon


Team Cannon

Multi-Use Devices

Individual Weapons, and Attacks




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Mystic Titan System

Legend:◆ piloted mecha, ➲ carrier mecha

Mystic Zeon System

Legend:◆ piloted mecha, ➲ carrier mecha


Legend:◆ summoned zord

Evil Mecha

Alternate Combination


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The eighth season consisted that aired between September 8, 2014-June 22, 2015

Series Episodes Title Original air date Production Code
351 1 From Out of Nowhere (Part One) 9/8/14 801
352 2 From Out of Nowhere, (Part Two) 9/8/14 802
353 3 Titan Busters 9/15/14 803
354 4 Rock Solid 9/22/14 804
355 5 His Master's Voice 10/6/14 805
356 6 Never Stop Searching 10/6/14 806
357 7 Fire Heart 10/13/14 807
358 8 The Stranger Within (Part One) 10/20/14 808
359 9 The Stranger Within (Part Two) 10/20/14 809
360 10 Petrified Ava 10/27/14 810
361 11 The Gatekeeper (Part One) 11/10/14 811
362 12 The Gatekeeper (Part Two) 11/10/14 812
363 13 The Great Discovery 11/17/14 813
364 14 A Small Problem 11/17/14 814
365 15 Scaredy Cat 11/24/14 815
366 16 The Sixth Ranger 11/24/14 816
367 17 Inner Strength 12/1/14 817
368 18 The Thing In Your Heart 12/8/14 818
369 19 Soul Specter 12/15/14 819
370 20 Ranger Down 2/16/15 820
371 21 Dark Wish (Part One) 2/16/15 821
372 22 Dark Wish (Part Two) 2/23/15 822
373 23 Dark Wish (Part Three) 2/23/15 823
374 24 Number One at Karate 3/16/15 824
375 25 The Birth of the DarKnight Rider 3/16/15 825
376 26 A Monster of Global Proportions 3/22/15 826
377 27 When is a Ranger Not a Ranger? 3/30/15 827
378 28 Kendra Just Wants to Have Fun 4/13/15 828
379 29 Lights, Camera, Action 4/20/15 829
380 30 Scavenger Hunt 4/20/15 830
381 31 The Power Transfer (Part One) 4/27/15 831
382 32 The Power Transfer (Part Two) 4/27/15 832
383 33 Necrolai's Last Stand 5/4/15 833
384 34 The Joke's on Blue 5/11/15 834
385 35 Taylor Wane's Trial 5/11/15 835
386 36 Heir Apparent (Part One) 5/18/15 836
387 37 Heir Apparent (Part Two) 5/18/15 837
388 38 The Light 5/25/15 838
389 39 The Hunter 5/25/15 839
390 40 Hard Heads 6/1/15 840
391 41 The Snow Princess 6/1/15 841
392 42 Light Source (Part One) 6/8/15 842
393 43 Light Source (Part Two) 6/8/15 843
394 44 Best Man for the Job 6/15/15 844
395 45 Rangers of Two Worlds (Part One) 6/15/15 845
396 46 Rangers of Two Worlds (Part Two) 6/15/15 846
397 47 The Return of Dana Vespoli 6/22/15 847
398 48 Mystic Fate (Part One) 6/22/15 848
399 49 Mystic Fate (Part Two) 6/22/15 849
400 50 Mystic Fate (Part Three) 6/22/15 850


Opening theme

Ending theme


  • Ron Wasserman was origionally in talks to do the theme for the shows theme
    • On June 21, 2014 Ron received word from Disney that the rap-style theme he submitted was denied, but his other, more rock-style theme was still being overlooked. He then posted the rap-style theme on a fan message board.
    • On July 11, 2014 Ron Wasserman was informed by Disney that they will not be using either of the themes he submitted. He then posted the rock-style theme on a fan message board.
  • On August 7, 2014 LineOne aired the first teaser promo for "Bikini Rangers Mystic Force".
  • On August 14, 2014 LineOne aired a 30-second and a 1-minute promo for "Bikini Rangers Mystic Force".
  • This is the first back season since Wild Thunder in Production is set in New Zealand, but will have a mixed American/Canadian/New Zealander/Mexican/Australian.
  • This is the second series to feature rangers using their Zords to battle grunts/foot soldiers. The animal spirits are basically each Ranger's personal spirit and are only used for giant monster battles when combined (first was Bikini Rangers Jungle Fury).
  • This is the second series where the foot soldiers retain their name from the original Japanese and American Counterpart (first was Bikini Rangers Jungle Fury).
  • This is the second season Bikini Rangers series not to feature a African American Female Ranger (first was Bikini Rangers Venice Storm).
  • This is the first series that features an Thunderzord.
  • According to Necrolai, this episode takes place three months after "Titan Busters".
  • Spencer Scott is the first Bikini Ranger to be turned into a zombie vampire.
  • Ava Addams is the first official Lime Sentai Bikini Ranger.
    • Masuimi Max does not count, as there is debate in the fandom over whether she is a Green Ranger or an Lime Ranger.
  • The Shay Sinnsager name is derived from the given names of two pornographic actress, Shay Sights and Sinn Sage.
  • Former pronographic actress Kiara Mia will directed this episode only since retired from adult entertaiment.
  • This is the second season where there are Rangers without belts (first was Bikini Rangers Jungle Fury).
  • This is second season Bikini Rangers series not to feature Nitro name (first was Bikini Rangers omg!).
  • Mystic Force is the first Bikini Rangers series to have a Adult Flim Star/Model as active Rangers.
  • May 30, LineOne announced Seven remaining episodes starting 90 minute each episode on mondays (June 15) and 2 hour season finale episode (June 22).
  • The series finale "Mystic Fate" is the third Bikini Rangers season finale arc with three episodes. The first was The Original Series' "Doomsday" (May 18, 2008) and then Ninja Mask's End of the Ninja Mask (June 27, 2011)
  • Episode 50, "Mystic Fate, Part 3", marks the 400th Episode milestone for the Bikini Rangers franchise.
  • This season aired concurrent with the Bikini Rangers Series, which would be following year as Bikini Rangers Academic Dynasty.

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