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Brmx-2019-logo.pngThis article is about a/an villain in Bikini Rangers Madame X.

Beast Hunterman
Gender: Male
Villain Type: Hunter/Boss
Season: Madame X
Homeworld: Unknown
First Apperance: Beast Hunterman and the Beauty
Last Full Apperance: Last Beast Standing
Number of Episode Appearances: N/A (Bikini Rangers Madame X)

Beast Hunterman is the main antagonist of Bikini Rangers Madame X. He was the third Master Squad's owner after King Joker's death), had already hunted 99 Megabeasts for fun, and he targeted Earth for his 100th hunt, which in fact turned out to be Cube Whale. Later he was recruited by Jazzi Mele to join the Master Squad, but refused.

Character History

He is a galactic hunter who came to earth. He later joins the Master Squad. Beast Hunterman and the Beauty

Having failed again to break Jennifer Lopez, Beast Hunterman enacted a sadistic game to challenge the Madame X Ranger team as a whole, Beast Hunterman easily defeated the two Madame X Rangers, knocking them unconscious before proceeding to create a copy of the pair from their own memories. With the others catching up to them, the Madame X Rangers were faced with two pairs of Emily Ratajkowski and Gigi Gorgeous, then Nicole Scherzinger who had all been fitted with irremovable chest braces. Before taking his leave, Beast Hunterman explained that the braces were bombs that could not be physically removed without detonating, with the only way to save the real ones being to terminate the imposters lest the bombs detonate in 30 minutes. Beast Hunterman figured that the Madame X Rangers would be able to catch the real, but this was all part of his plan as that would be when the "real hell" came. Sure enough, the pair, who were well aware of their true nature, were eventually found out due to their memory being too precise, but the Madame X Rangers revealed that they were stalling to find a way to save both pairs due to being unwilling to hurt their friends. Ultimately, as detonation approached, the Emily Ratajkowski and Nicole Scherzinger chose to sacrifice their own existence to save their original counterparts. Realizing that the imposters still had feelings and a right to live, the Madame X rangers were deeply disgusted by this game which made them all the more determined to take down Beast Hunterman. Shrink Rap

Beast Hunterman eventually found the location of Cube Whale after scanning the memories of a TV crew. He later encountered the Madame X Rangers who were also there to search for Poseidon Whalecube and overwhelms them. When Jennifer Lopez transforms into SuperRed Marciano, water shot from the ocean revealing it to be Poseidon Whalecube. Beast Hunterman jumps into the ocean to go after it with Jennifer Lopez following. Upon getting near it, Poseidon Whalecube swats both Jennifer Lopez and Beast Hunterman into the air. He was later met by Faulz Gaza who came up with the plan dump poison into the ocean to lure Poseidon Whalecube by using Beast Hunterman's ship. While Emily Ratajkowski and Cardi B were searching for Poseidon Whalecube and were infected by the poison, Beast Hunterman summons copies of giant sized King Joker to prevent the Madame X from interfering. Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Gorgeous, Nicole Scherzinger and Lisa Snowdon fought King Joker with Madame X Wildzord Special while Jennifer fought Beast Hunterman and the two copies. After destroying the 3 players, Poseidon Whalecube comes out purifying the poison. Suddenly, an army of Spadex ordered by Beast Hunterman to capture Poseidon Whalecube launches a surprise attack on the Madame X Rangers, Beast Hunterman and Poseidon Whalecube with Jazzi Mele arriving blasting a tracker on the Poseidon Whalecube. After destorying all the Triang Air-Force, Poseidon Whalecube attacks both the Madame X Rangers and Beast Hunterman with Jazzi Mele quickly retreating.Free WhaleCube

Meeting up with Faulz Gaza, Beast Hunterman scolds him for not knowing Rocky Puchman' plan to capture his prey, but Faulz Gaza reveals the location of Poseidon Whalecube. Beast Hunterman later found Poseidon Whalecube along with Jennifer Lopez who was talking to Poseidon Whalecube. He later engages against Jennifer Lopez while the other Madame X Rangers fought Master Zedd Custom plotted by Jazzi Mele. After seeing Jennifer Lopez's desire to protect him, Poseidon Whalecube accepted him and grants him the Kai-Oh Spear to overpower Beast Hunterman send him flying.Free WhaleCube

Beast Hunterman held Jennifer Lopez captive at a warehouse. He called his friends for a deal to trade Jennifer Lopez for Poseidon Whalecube at Valley. Beast Hunterman ordered them to toss their Madame Cellphone Changer. However, Beast Hunterman had no intention on giving Jennifer Lopez back. Before Beast Hunterman can kill both Jennifer Lopez and Poseidon Whalecube. Beastman Hunter later fights them with an army of Spadex to aid him but they were both defeated. When he requested Faulz Gaza's assistance, but Faulz Gaza severs his right hand off, handed Beast Hunterman enlarged himself, but the Madame X Rangers formed the final combination, Madame X Superzord, and destroyed him with its Madame X Superzord's Zyuoh Dynamite Stream.Last Beast Standing


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  • Height:204 cm (73.4 m: Giant)
  • Weight:193 kg (694.8 t: Giant)


  • Spaceship Yaban Great: Beast Hunterman possesses his own personal spacecraft which he uses to travel through space on his hunt.
  • Hunterblade: Beast Hunterman wields an Anchor-shaped blade for combat and can release energy slashes or thunder. When Faulz Gaza cuts off Beast Hunterman's right hand, he replaced it with the Hunterblade, allowing him to shoot shockwave or energy blast.

Sickle: Beast Hunterman's left hand is a sickle-shaped hook which can be used for both offense and defense. Fire Belt: Beast Hunterman's belt buckle can fire blue fire balls.

Powers and Abilities

  • He can read any being's memories by touching their head and manifest the character (even the dead and the touched being) inside their memories into reality. One of his most prominent abilities is to revive the Master Squad. the Madame X Rangers have previously defeated, even as giants. However, these duplicates lack their original personality and are mute.


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