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SSN-Mangetsu Kibaoni

Gender: Male
Villain Type: General
Season: Academic Dynasty
Hometown: Japan
First Apperance: One Gets Away
Last Full Apperance: The Kibaoni Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Number of Episode Appearances: 6 (Bikini Rangers Academic Dynasty)

Baby! is the son of General Kibaoni and Adriana Kate. He is the younger brother of Monica Moon.

Character History

Baby! was thought to be the firstborn of General Kibaoni and Adriana Kate. He was shown at first to be a child-like figure, even stealing from other children. Later, he was shown as a cunning and ruthless general,


Upon his introduction, Baby! pretends to be a buffoon, stealing snacks from children and being a poor warrior and a mama's boy. However, it's just an act to lower the Nippon Rangers's guard down, mainly Kasumi's. His real personality is that of a cool, cunning, and manipulative warrior.

Powers and Abilities

  • To Be Added


  • Like all the other Kibaoni higher-ups, Baby!'s face incorporates a mask from Noh theatre, specifically a Shikami mask.
  • Baby! has the shortest amount of appearances of any of the Kibaoni Army Corps.


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