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KSP-SirenStriker Attack Mode

Atomic SirenStriker
Number: 7
Season: Atomic Blitz
First Appearance: She Drives Me Crazy
Last Appearance: {{{lastepisode}}}
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Length: 27.5 m
Width: 11.6 m
Height: 27.5 m
Weight: 600 tons
Speed: 600 km/h
Power: 3,000,000

Atomic SirenStriker is a specialized Atomic Triggerzords modeled after an armored tank.


Atomic SirenStriker was housed inside Atomic VictoryStriker in a smaller form, but when it emerged it returned to normal Atomic Vehicle size. Its default form can fire yellow explosive rounds from its giant cannon. Its Attack Mode unfolds plough-like extensions that can be used like a forklift to throw opponents. In addition, the missile launchers by the cannon's side activate.


During the fight over Atomic VictoryStriker, Atomic VIctoryStriker was under Jarnake's control. As the Atomic Blitz Rangers were inside the Striker trying to figure out how to retake control of it, Ferrari Red found out that another Atomic Vehicle was hidden inside AtomicVictoryStriker. AtomicSirenStriker then emerged from Victory's inner "hangar", and interrupts Jarnake's control. Later on Jarnake enlarges, so the Atomic Blitz Rangers form Siren Atomic Sirenzord and defeat him.

Atomic Sirenzord

KSL-Siren LupinKaiser

Atomic Sirenzord
Combined From:
Season: Atomic Blitz
First Appearance: She Drives Me Crazy
Last Appearance: {{{lastepisode}}}
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Length: 37.6 m
Width: 40.1 m
Height: 49.0 m
Weight: 2,600 t
Speed: 550 km/h
Power: 13,000,000
Atomic Sirenzord is the combination of AtomicSirenStriker, Fire Truckzord, Magic Zeppelinzord, and Atomic Striker. This combination is very powerful. It can use all the cannons on Atomic SirenStriker and throw opponents back with the ploughs. Atomic SirenStriker seems to influence the other Atomic Vehicles in the combination, as it allows Fire Truckzord to fire quick-drying cement. Magic Zeppelinzord can also enlarge the mace for a winding hit.

It finisher is Atomic Good Striker: Blow em to AtomicSiren Cannon, where Atomic Sirenzord blasts laser fire from Magic Zeppelinzord's baton, Fire Truckzord's water cannon, and Atomic SirenStriker's cannons, missile launchers, & ploughs to destroy the enemy.

Additional Formations

Atomic Siren PatZord

KSP-Siren PatKaiser

Atomic Siren PatZord
Season: Atomic Blitz
First Appearance: Master of Puppets
Last Appearance: {{{lastepisode}}}
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Atomic Siren PatZord is the combination between Atomic SirenStriker, Police Biker, Drill Machine Crane & Drill and Atomic Striker.

Its finisher is the PatZord: Siren Strike, where Atomic SirenStriker charges up with energy and fires at the enemy alongside Police Biker's wheel and Drill Machine Crane & Drill's crane arm, destroying the enemy. It's other finisher is the Atomic Blitz Rangers: Siren Gunner Strike, the Siren Strike done together with Atomic Xtremezord Gunner's Gunner Strike.


  • It is the second Atomic Triggerzords to be used in a Atomic Patorlzord formation, with the first one being Fire Truckzord.
    • Coincidentally, Fire Truckzord has Fire Truckzord in its default formation along with the Atomic Dialzords.
  • The treads on Atomic Sirenzord are similar in design to Yellow Blocker's chest armor.
  • Just like DaiBouken Mixer from GoGo Sentai Boukenger and Mixer from Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Siren Atomic Flightzord can encase an opponent in quick drying concrete.
  • The way Atomic Sirenzord uses its forklift plow, coupled with its appearance, makes it appear similar to a stag beetle.
  • Interestingly, the Atomic SirenStriker has a color scheme (dark blue, red, and gold).
  • Atomic SirenStriker's robohead takes elements from a military battle mask. 

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