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Atomic Changer
Space Voyager Morpher with Voyager Discs
Bikini Rangers Atomic Blitz
Used by: Atomic Blitz Rangers
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Orion Morpher


Dragon Changer

-"Atomic Access Go!"

Atomic Changer is the Atomic Blitz Rangers' transformation device. A current total of six Atomic Changers exist as part of the Treasure Collection.


The Karma Rx, Jessa Rhodes and Sheena Ryder were the first to be Atomic Changer and transform, having individually received them from Commander Madakko, who intended for them to reclaim the Treasure Collection on behalf of her master while motivated by the chance to restore their loved ones. Four week later, they were followed by the Katrina Jade, Ariella Ferrera and Tana Lea, whom were granted their set, which had been delivered to the Headquarters, by Nicolette Shea to fight the Zwick Ganglers. Upon witnessing Atomic Blitz Rangers were bewildered as to how they could have pieces of the Treasure Collection as well.


To transform, a Atomic Blitz Rangers inserts a Compact Disc making the announce the Atomic Changer, spin the Compact Disc on the Changer and ready to transform.

Special Attack

  • To Be Added


To summon the Mecha, the teams press the Atomic Changer button and turn their Atomic Dialzord and Atomic Machinezords to the left side then back to the top and or bottom, respectively, then spin the Compact Disc on the Changer.

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