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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by Atomic Blitz Rangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Atomic Blitz page as well as the team page of the Atomic Blitz Rangers.


Atomic Morpher

Main article:Atomic Changer

Space Voyager Morpher with Voyager Discs

Atomic Changer

Atomic Changer is the Atomic Blitz Rangers' transformation device.

Dragon Changer

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Dragon Changer

Dragon Changer is the DeMasked Doll X's transformation device.


Atomic Blaster

See also:VS Changer


Atomic Blaster

The Atomic Blaster is the standard issue firearm of the Atomic Blitz Rangers. A current total of five Atomic Blasters exist as part of the treasure Collection.

Atomic Sword

The Atomic Sword is the weapon of Ferrari Red, Laguna Blue and Honey Yellow.

Atomic MegaBo

The Atomic Sword is the weapon of Spade Cupp, Kombat Army and Pin-Up Lovia.

Individual Weapons

Atomic Cannon

To Be Added

Atomic Train Changer

The Atomic Train Changer is the transformation device/standard issue firearm of DeMasked Doll X. It is the combined form of the miniature Atomic Silverzord and Atomic Goldzord. Unlike the Atomic Changers, Richelle Ryan cannot activate other Atomic Vehicles with the Atomic Train Changer, and requires the Atomic Changers of either the Atomic Rangers, though this has proven unnecessary in future summonings.

X Rod Sword

The X Rod Sword is the personal weapon of DeMasked Doll X. This weapon has two modes: a sword and a rod. It is also used to pilot the Atomic X Trains when the weapon is set in the cockpit and the lever is moved to the middle. When the lever is set to the middle position then returned to the position beforehand, it can initiate a finishing attack. It is also used to pilot the Atomic X Trains when the weapon is set in the cockpit and the lever is moved to the middle. When the lever is turned to the middle before being returned to its original position. It initiates the Excellent X attack, where he shifts the lever three times (each with their own announcement) to then form a large sharp X sigil surrounded by a spinning ring of sharp crosses, then jabs the rod into the construct to fire it; and DeMasked Doll X's finisher with the X Rod Sword in Sword Mode is the Superior X attack where he slashes in an x-energy pattern that rockets towards the opponent, leaving an x shape on the foe.

Superior Magnum

KSL-Lupin Magnum

Superior Magnum

The Superior Magnum is the personal weapon of Ferrari Red/SuperFerrari Red. It is the ultimate piece of the Treasure Collection, the most powerful piece of them all.


Transformation Devices


Individual Weapons and Team Weapon

Other Devices

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