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Brmx-2019-logo.pngThis article is about a/an zord in Bikini Rangers Madame X.
Arthropod Molecube
Number: !
Pilot: n/a
Length: 25.0 m
Width: 4.5 m
Height: 9.0 m
Weight: 200 tons
Speed: 380 km/h
Power: 1,500,000

Arthropod Molecube is a violet auxiliary Madame X Cubezord modeled after a mole.


Instead of a number, Arthropod Molecube is emblazoned with an exclamation point (!). This is to signify that although this is a Madame X Cubezord. Its weapon is a mouth mounted drill that it uses both to attack and to tunnel through the ground.

Appearances: Madame X Episodes 11-15, 17-23, 25, 27-


Asleep underground, Arthropod Molecube was awakened when it became entangled in the roots of the Rose-Man's Cannibalbulb. Proceeding to call out to anyone whom could hear, Arthropod is able to reach Emily Ratajkowski due to her super-sensitive hearing. Emerging to destroy the plant before it could devour the Madame X Rangers and the world, Arthropod Molecube allowed itself to be wielded by Madame X Wildzord to defeat the enlarged Rose-Man and then joined the Madame X Rangers as their newest ally, making fast friends with Delza Giraffecube. In the Garden of Vida

Alongside Delza Giraffecube, Arthropod Molecube joined the six primary Madame AnimalCubes in forming Madame X Ultrazord, allowing the Madame X Rangers to overcome and destroy the giant Master Zedd. Madame X Assembly

Arthropod Drill

Arthropod Drill

Arthropod Molecube is able to change into the Arthropod Drill which Madame X Wildzord can use in any of its combinations to perform the Arthropod Drill Break finisher, the nature of which changes depending on which combination is using it.

Appearances: Madame X Episodes 11-15, 17-23, 25, 27-

Additional Formations

Madame X Wildzord Drill

Madame X Wildzord 6*2*3 Drill

DSZ-Zyuoh Wild 623 Mogra Drill.png

Madame X Wildzord 6*2*3 Drill
Combined From:
  • Shocker Gorillacube
  • Mezool Sharkcube
  • Kazari Lioncube
  • Arthropod Molecube
Length: 17.0 m
Width: 34.5 m
Height: 45.5 m
Weight: 2,200 tons

The Madame X Wildzord 6*2*3 Drill is the very first combination to equip the Arthropod Drill. In this combination, Madame X Wildzord spins like a top to build up momentum before charging forward to bore through the opponent.

Appearances: Madame X Episodes 11

Madame X Ultrazord

Main article: Madame X Ultrazord
DSZ-Wild ZyuohKing.png

Madame X Ultrazord
Combined From:
Length: 21.5 m
Width: 39.0 m
Height: 65.0 m
Weight: 4,400 tons
Speed: 550 km/h
Power: 37,000,000

The Madame X Ultrazord is the combined form of the first six Madame AnimalCubes and the first two auxiliary Madame AnimalCubes. Arthropod Molecube forms the right ankle of Madame X Ultrazord.

Appearances: Madame X Episodes 13-15, 17-18

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