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Alexa Dellanos
Glamour Charm
Gender: Female
Seasons: Star Gigantic
Colors: Pink
Hometown: United States
First Apperance: The Star Gigantic Rangers Are Born!
Last Full Apperance:
Occupation: American Social Media personality and model
Number of Episode Appearances: N/A (Bikini Rangers Star Gigantic)
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-Star Beauty, Glamour Charm!

Alexa Carolina Loynáz Dellanos is the Glamour Charm, also known as the Slash Pink Ranger, the Pink Bikini Ranger of the Star Gigantic Rangers. and the main protagonist of Bikini Rangers Star Gigantic.

Charater History

Early Life

Alexa Dellanos was born Alexa Carolina Dellanos on December 30, 1995. Born and raised in the United States, Alexa was born to Dr. Alejandro Loynaz and journalist Myrka Dellanos. She is the only child to her parents.

Further, she was born under Capricorn sign. As far as her citizenship, Carolina Dellanos is American and belongs to white ethnicity. The 25 years old star child has not revealed any information on her upbringing and schooling. An only known fact about Alexa is that she gained huge media attention for her content on her official Instagram.

On the other side, she rose into fame being one and only child of the famous actress Myrka Dellanos who is a world-known actress for movies like En exclusive con Myrka Dellanos in 2005, Primer Impacto: edición Nocturna in 1994 and Ver para Creer in 2001.

When Alexa was just four years old her parents Myrka and Dr. Alejandro divorced in 1998. The couple who married in 1991 celebrated their conjugal life just for seven years. After the separation with Loynaz, her mother re-married with Ulysses Daniel Alonso, who was later arrested on domestic battery charges.

Besides, her mother was also in a relationship with Luis Miguel for two years. Alexa holds an American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. Delano’s faced a lot of trauma after her parents gave up on their marriage. Later, her mother’s love life never got any better, thus she then decided to raise Alexa as a single mom while focusing her career.


Social Media

The famous Instagram model has not disclosed the exact figure of her sole net worth. But, Alexa Dellanos must be earning a decent sum of money from her post and endorsements on social media like Instagram. As she amassed more than 1.8  million followers on her Instagram, she collects a huge sum of money from it. As per experts, Dellanos’ estimated earnings per post is between $2,275.5 – $3,792.5.  Of course, Alexa was born with a silver spoon, with a mother Myrka Dellanos and a dad who has an amazing career as a medical doctor, it is certain that as a child she has met all of her requirements.

On the other side, her mother Myrka has an impressive worth of $16 Million with $3 Million as her salary per annum. Added that, she is also a philanthropist and has been a part of many charity works concerning children. Myrka also served as an international spokesperson for Save the Children.

Although the net worth of millions is not her own, she looks spending quite a luxurious life. Being the daughter of famous actress and journalist, she owns various expensive automobiles, riches and ornaments and other belongings which might also be owned by her mother.

Personal life

Like many other well-known celebrities, Alexa Dellanos keeps her personal life private which means she hasn’t ever uttered anything regarding her affairs and relationships publicly. But she is seen posting pictures with a guy named Alec Monopoly on her Instagram account.

Though she has not admitted him as her boyfriend anywhere, going through their respective Instagram account, they seem to be in a romantic relationship with each other. But surprisingly Monopoly has never revealed his full face on any of the pictures, and the mystery man is seen showing his eye parts only.

So, we can only speculate that something romantic is going on between Alexa and Alec Monopoly. Hence the unmarried Instagram star is suspected to be sharing a strong bond with Alec. Besides, there is no news regarding her past affairs and relationships and she doesn’t have any child.

Concerning her online presence, she is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. On her Instagram account, she has huge fan followers of 1.8 million with more than 900 posts.

Bikini Rangers

Star Gigantic

The Star Gigantic Rangers Are Born!

Glamour Charm

BRSG Glamour Charm.jpg



Appearances: Star Gigantic Episodes 1-

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