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Ace Cardman
Gender: Male
Villain Type: General
Season: Madame X
Homeworld: Unknown
First Apperance: Farewell! Sorrowful Blue
Last Full Apperance: Last Beast Standing
Number of Episode Appearances: 1 (Bikini Rangers Madame X)
Height: 199 cm
Giant Height: 39.8 m
Weight: 179 kg
Giant Weight: 358.0 tons

Ace Cardman is one of the Players. He was given a second, different Deadly Game after escaping from the Madame X Rangers when they stopped his first one.

Character History

Farewell! Sorrowful Blue

Last Beast Standing


To Be Added


  • First Deadly Game: Spreading Jack Cards, which causes them to attach to the forehead of a target. When two targets with the same card come into contact with each other, they will be shocked.

Second Deadly Game: Trapping people in a 4 Choice Box while someone picks a card outside of the box. If the Card is a Heart, the person in the 4CB is released (Otherwise the person picking the card chooses a Joker, it will explode causing the victim to fly back)

  • Genre: Card games


  • Jakcard: A Deck of Cards which Ace Cardman used in His Deadly Game.
  • Card Case: A card case that controls the cards Ace Cardman uses in his Deadly Game.
  • Trusense: A card-themed fan Ace Cardman uses in battle which can create strong gusts of wind.
  • 4 Choice Box: A box transformed by a Jackcard, which is used to trap a target. The card on the box will detonate if any target picks a Joker card outside the box.

Powers and Abilities

  • Deal: An ability that allows Ace Cardman to spread cards from his Card Case to various targets to start his game.
  • Shuffle: It allows Ace Cardman to control targets that have a card attached to their forehead to shift positions.
  • Combo: It's Concentration: A combo move that activates when two targets that have the same card come into contact with each other, causing them to be shocked.
  • Combo: It's Old Maid: A combo move that will cause a Joker card on the 4 Choice Box to detonate after the target pick a card while the 4 Choice Box has a victim trapped in it.

Behind the Scenes



  • Ace Cardman is the first Player to have two separate Deadly Games.
  • Ace Cardman's "Jackcard" deck is a slight reference to the Sentai team J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai, of whom the members were all playing-card themed.
    • Similarly, Ace Cardman's use of a Deck as a weapon is a reference to Yokubarido from Gokaiger

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